Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Daily Telegraph manages to be Anti-Semitic about claims of Anti-Semitism

The Daily Telegraph this morning has this article headline:

Boy's death in intifada a 'fabrication', insists Israeli minister

Look at the quotes and the word 'insists'!
Translation into British English = "Pull the other one, it's got bells on it!"

The article ridicules the claims of the Israeli Foreign minister, Yuval Steinitz, who claims that the boy might still be alive. It is clear from the article, that the Israeli Minister simply assumes that the Telegraph reporter knows that the Al Dura affair was a "Palywood" hoax. He doesn't and goes on to say so!

The Telegraph reporter states:

"Mohammad is widely believed to have been killed in the incident, probably due to Israeli gunfire - "

Anyone reading this statement and then reading Steinitz's accusations of Blood Libels and anti-Semitism will conclude that Israel's statements are evil sick Nazi like propaganda.

The Telegraph reporter is either so ignorant, anti-Semitic or fearful of his job (just following orders) that he completely ignores the abundance of evidence that proves that the Al Dura incident was a hoax.

This article is clearly itself, anti-Semitic.

(Steinitz on right). Taken from The Daily Telegraph article

What I find most disturbing is the apparent mistaken notion of Israel's Foreign Minister, Yuval Steinitz who assumes that the Telegraph reporter knows that the Al Dura affair was a hoax and doesn't even refer to any evidence at all. Huge failure!

On the same day, the British media are reporting on the terrorist attack on a British soldier in Woolwich, in the centre of London yesterday afternoon. It is called "terrorism", the murderers are called "animals".

Listening on LBC radio last night and this morning, the presenters are still insisting that even though they shouted "Allah Achbah" and told people there they had done this in the name of Allah, the presenters repeatedly said that they could not have done this in the name of religion as 99.99% of Muslims soundly condemned this act and the murderers were obviously mentally deranged or on drugs! (Steve Allen Show, LBC Radio this morning).

It seems that Britain is determined to hate those who stand for democracy and freedom (Israel) and twist themselves into "beigela" trying to deny the fact that Islam is at war with them.