Thursday, March 24, 2011

Terrorist attack outside my Window

As many of you know, my office building overlooks the Central Bus Station in Yerushalayim. At approximately 3:00pm I was listening to a shiur on Hilchos Leil HaSeder on my head phones whilst doing a transfer to production of a large web application when the whole building shook and I heard the sound of a loud blast even through the considerable insulation of my headsets.

Initially I thought nothing of it as there are many such blasts, maybe two or three times a week. They are blasting a kilometre underground, under our building in fact in order to construct a tunnel that will run from the new underground Central Train station in Yerushalayim to Tel Aviv.

But within 10 seconds I knew that this blast was different. People rushed to the window to see. With the windows open you could hear the screams of the injured and shocked and the shouts of the security services going into action. Within 15 seconds the screams were drowned out by the wailing of the sirens from a stream of Magen David Adom ambulances whose station is only a few hundred meters away as they rushed to the site of the peguah (terrorist attack). They drove on the wrong side of the dual carriage way as cars, buses and lorries swerved to the side to make room for them to pass. Within 5 mins there was a steady swirl of ambulances and police cars as they moved into the area and flowed out again with injured, rushing to the hospitals.

Ironically I had been not a few yards away from a chafetz chashud (an unidentified package) at a bus stop on the other side of my building at 12:15pm, less three hours before the real thing. I had gone out to get some lunch just as the bomb disposal team turned up and police blocked off the area for 20 mins. This time it was a kid who had forgotton his bag at the bus stop.

Whenever there is a peguah you immediately reach for your mobile phone and dial everyone in your family, even the ones who are supposed to be somewhere else. Being so close to the site of the terrorist attack, I managed to do this before the inevitable happens. 10 mins after a peguah the whole of the mobile phone network collapses under the strain and you receive the message “No Service Available – Please try again later”.

This time, the Orange network came back after about half an hour.

We have just heard on the news that the one dead victim was a British woman although it is as yet unclear if she was living here or a tourist.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting this news item.

The BBC doesn’t deem it worthy of any mention.

Today in the Daily Telegraph there was an opinion piece by MP Louse Bagshawe who has suddenly woken up to the blatant anti-Israel bias of the BBC.

Just read the comments below this article if yoru stomach can take it. One of them asks to know what the racial origin of teh MP is and if she is a Jewes! Others express the opinion that the Jews deserve being murdered as they stole the land from the Arabs who have been living there for 2,000 years! (sic).

But these were published below as comments to the article. This little ditty from Reuters was within their article about the terrorist attack, the text of which was also copied and used by hundreds of news outlets all around the world.

Reuters reported this:

(Direct quote including the double quotes:)

Police said it was a “terrorist attack” — Israel’s term for a Palestinian strike. It was the first time Jerusalem had been hit by such a bomb since 2004.

As I said, it was copied and used in many different news outlets.

Sky news initally quoted it but then deleted it from their web page.

Yahoo still has it on their web page.

That's it. That sentence has crossed a red line between Anti-Israel bias and out and out Jew hatred.

Now I've seen it all. There is no hope left for the British press.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Megilas Esther in four and a half minutes.

Megilas Esther in four and a half minutes.


Purim Samayach.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There are still people in Britain who recognise the BBC for what it is

The British Blood-Libel Corporation

Reading the flood of talkback comments on the "B-BBC" site (a site dedicated to the bias of the BBC) indicates that there are still people in Britain who recognise the BBC for what they are: That is, no better than the Jew hating Nazis of the 1930s.

See the excellent piece here:

The B-BBC’s article analyses the BBC’s cynical use of quotes showing the BBC’s callous position that there is doubt as to the truth of the facts of this atrocity. This abuse of the noble English language confirms a blanket editorial position that Israelis (at least those who are not left wing loonies) cannot be believed or that the text in quotes is to be seen in an ironic context.

The BBC article is fit for the pages of a modern day "Der Sturmer".

Why does the BBC fail to mention the fact that Arabs in Gaza and the “Palestinian Authority” (correct use of quotes here) were openly celebrating the terrorist attack?

A Palestinian man distributes sweets in the streets of the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on March 12, 2011 to celebrate an attack which killed five Israeli settlers at the Itamar settlement near the West Bank city of Nablus. SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images

Mahmoud Abbas’ “the moderate” (correct use of ironic quotes here) is praised by the BBC for his condemnation in English even though he did not condemn the atrocity in Arabic for local audiences.

So what was Abbas’ message to the Arab streets, totally ignored by the whole of the Western media? Abbas was actually at a naming ceremony for a square, named after a terrorist who murdered Jews whilst at exactly the same time, the Fogel family were being laid to rest.

See article in Haaretz amongst others:

Just one example of the BBC’s evil can be found in this paragraph:

“The attack on the Fogel family has been met with outrage in Israel and has shocked many Palestinians. Israel suspects the attack was carried out by Palestinian militants.”

Not only does the BBC neglect to report the mass celebrations that took place in the Arab streets or the official dedication ceremony that took place yesterday but they have to insert this little lie:

“…shocked many Palestinians”

Exactly which Palestinians are these? Certainly not anyone speaking on the Arabic speaking media. Maybe they interviewed Joe Mohamed in the street? I doubt it. The BBC have quite obviously made this up and simply written this bit of wishful thinking without any basis in reality.

Not content with this, the BBC put the icing on the cake by saying that Israelis “suspect” the attack was carried out by “Palestinian militants”. Apparently the BBC is in some doubt as to who committed the atrocity even after Arab Terrorist organisations claimed responsibility for it.

I know that this next point has been made time and time again but I feel it must be continued to be made until the Western media stops its immoral use of the term. A “militant

Definition of the word “militant”: Someone who takes an aggressive position on any issue. Who has hard-line or hawkish policies. Those who favour extreme or confrontational campaign methods.

Is this what the BBC thinks is an extreme campaign method?

I could have used photos from Google Images of 3 month old baby Hadas’ head severed from her tiny body or the slit throat of four year old Elad but that's not necessary . It is more than sufficiently horrific simply sitting and looking at that tiny wrapped up body and realising that there are people in this world who are capable of such atrocities and that moreover, there are people who are capable of putting fingers on keyboards and describing this act as an act of a “militant”.

What kind of monstrous, immoral, inhumane and satanic organisation would call the perpetrators of these acts anything other than terrorists and murderers?

The answer is in three letter: B B C.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Terrorist Attack in Itamar

On Friday night, Arab terrorists entered the home of the Fogel family in the town of Itamar and as they slept, slit the throats of parents Ruth and Udi and then 11 year old Yoav, 4 year old Elad and a three month old baby, Hadas.

The Fogel’s three other young children escaped the attack. They were found by neighbours, covered in the blood of their parents and siblings.

When people of Gaza heard the news they hit the streets in jubilant celebration, firing guns, letting off fire crackers and handing out sweets to children.,7340,L-4041106,00.html

I saw from my office window this afternoon, Israelis lining the streets, blocking the entrance to Yerushalayim, as they made their way to the levoiyah (funeral).

As Israel mourns the loss of this beautiful Jewish family, let’s look at some of the British media and see how they reported the news.

Note: that these are the outlets which reported the murders. The other outlets did not even think it worth a mention due to the Japanese Earth quake disaster taking up all the headlines.

Scotland On Sunday’s headline reads:

"Palestinians blamed after Israeli family knifed to death"

The Arab terrorists were seen by neighbours. Does the “Scotland On Sunday” have evidence that in fact they weren’t Arabs who carried out this atrocity? Why the emphasis on the Palestinians when the news is about the murder of Jews?

Three paragraphs down they report:

“Israeli officials said Palestinian militants infiltrated the settlement and killed the couple and the children, ages 11 and three. A baby was also killed.”

I am sure that the Israeli spokesman did not use the word “killed” but “murdered”! If they are going to quote then do it properly and don’t doctor the words to fit your political position. You see “killed” sounds so much better doesn’t it? They may have tragically fallen on a blade accidently for instance?

They aren’t the only ones. Yahoo News headlines:

"Jewish couple and three children killed in West Bank"

The family were “killed”! What was it? A tragic car accident? Did they simply die in their sleep of unknown causes?

However, the prize for the most contemptible headline goes to none other than the BBC.

"Israel approves new Jewish settler homes in West Bank"

The article reports of the angry reaction of the Palestinians to this new approval and only six paragraphs down so we learn that this is Israel’s response to a terrorist attack.

“A manhunt is continuing in the West Bank after five members of a Jewish settler family - including two children and a baby - were stabbed to death as they slept on Friday night.”

The BBC won’t leave it at that though and lest you feel even the slightest sorrow for the loss of lives, the BBC has to point out that they deserved it and had it coming to them as they were not human beings but “settlers”.

“Nearly half a million Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel's 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

They are held to be illegal under international law, although Israel disputes this.”

The same sentiments were echoed by Reuters:

"Family of five Jewish settlers killed in West Bank as Israeli officials blame Palestinian infiltrator"

Translation: They are not human beings, they are West Bank settlers. They were not murdered but “killed” and the real victims are the Palestinians who Israeli Officials somehow “blame”.

The Daily Express uses the same tacked. Its headline reads:


Then we learn that

“The decision comes days after five members of a family in a Jewish West Bank settlement were murdered in their sleep.”

Well at least they used the word “murdered”.

The Daily Telegraph is not much better:

"Israeli settler family murdered, Palestinians accused "

Again, we should be thankful that they used the word murdered although “Israeli Settler family” does dehumanize the murders.

The Telegraph accurately reports the Israeli Military spokesman but cannot resist placing the words “Palestinian terrorists” in quotes, lest its readers make the mistake in thinking that the newspaper thinks that they were terrorists.

“The Israeli military said "Palestinian terrorists" had infiltrated the settlement.”

The Independent on Sunday has the headline:

“Israeli settler family stabbed”

It's only when you go into the article do they tell you that by the way, they were actually “stabbed to death” but due to financial cut backs no doubt they had to leave these two words out of the headline. Never mind, they aren’t really human because they are only an “Israeli Settler family” after all!

How did we get to this situation?
Israelis ask themselves how it is that an entire nation’s mind can be poisoned to believe that lies are truth and truths are lies. I tell them that I know how it was done as I witnessed it with my own eyes.
It was achieved in Britain by brainwashing the students at University in the 1980s with pseudo liberal anti-Semitism (in the guise of anti-Zionism) spread by radicalised ulta-left lecturers and something which I called  the “professional” student. These "students" came from places like Iran, Syria, Egypt and the Gulf States. They had been specially trained in their host countries to spread anti-Zionist propaganda and sent to Universities all over Britain.

The host countries paid (read bribed) the universities with huge sums to keep these students at these places of higher learning even though the students never did any real work and hardly ever turned up for any lectures. They were instead employed the whole time in organising anti-Israel demonstrations and involved in student's committees that influenced the political stance of the university.
Those, like myself, who constantly complained to the university authorities were consistantly ignored or fobbed off with embarrassing excuses. The universities, strapped for cash, needed the money to stay afloat. Even, after grotesque anti-Semitic literature and cartoons were collected and placed on the authority’s tables, the university did nothing.
So, after a few years of this, British students who had been successfully brainwashed, graduated and took up positions in the British media, academia and business world. This translates today into anti-Israel bias in the press and academic and economic boycotts of Israel.
All it took was time and lots of Arab money.

As I drove home this evening I saw hundreds of people at the entrance to Yerushalayim in peaceful demonstrations. The message was to build, build, build.

May Hakodesh Baruch Hu put a spirit of wisdom, bravery and understanding into the hearts of the entire Israeli government to withstand the pressure of the Americans and Europeans and do what is right is Hashem's eyes. To build Jewish homes in the whole of Eretz Yisrael with all the resources available to them. Amen.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Open Letter To British Jewry

An Open Letter To British Jewry.
I really hope all of you take the time to watch Channel Four’s “The Promise”. A hate feast of lies, distortions, unadulterated anti-Israel propaganda and pure Jewish hatred. More importantly, see how much most of Britain loved it!
Read and savour the utterly delighted, rapturous and euphoric reviews from all the major British News Papers who cannot praise the drama enough for its bravery to tell “the truth” about those Jews despite the power of what they truly believe is the satanic Zionist control of the media.
Peruse through the talk backs and comments and see that 95% of the writers are all too willing to believe every blood libel against Jews and that anyone who tries to set the record straight is jumped upon and accused of being part of the great evil Zionist plot. Finally the truth is out. Jews are terrorists, worse than Nazis, the scum of the earth and responsible for all evil in the world.
The British today feel that they have been finally released from the shackles of accusations of anti-Semitism. For too long the British will tell you, ,the Jews, through their manipulation and power have used the Holocaust to make themselves a protected species since WWII but now  it’s open season on those Jews in Britain today.
Afterall, everyone is doing it in Britain. Parliament, The Church of England, The Left, The Right, all are screaming that there is no problem which the Jews cannot be blamed for.
See what is really in so many British hearts as their hatred spews and oozes out from every orifice with such relief and joy.
There are Goyim in Britain who are not anti-Semitic, who do know the truth in their hearts but, for the most part, they are weak and are unwilling or unable to protect or defend you against such overwhelming odds. It is fashionable and cool in the UK to hate Israel and Jews. As the sign below says, its now "kosher" to hate those Zionists.

Watch and take a good, long hard look at what the British really think of you.
Look at the facts. You are scared and with good reason. Your schools and shuls need guards to protect your children. Even if you are brave enough to send your children to Jewish schools, you rip off the kippa and tzittit from your child’s body as soon as you leave the premises, lest anyone see that you are Jewish.
In the work place you are constantly nervous and on edge, waiting for the next anti-Israel remark. If you dare to open your mouth you are accused of being a Zionist apologist, defending the indefensible.
Meanwhile, the Muslims, who pose a real and imminent threat to British lives, to its democracy, freedom of speech, human rights and morality; they are to be supported and loved.
The British truly want to believe with all their hearts that the massacre in Jenin really did take place, Mohammed Al-Dura was murdered by Israeli soldiers, the Gaza strip is worse than a concentration camp, the Palestinians have been living in the land for thousands of years, the Jews were not really ever there. The Jewish Temple never really existed. Israel and the Jewish Kings are religious metaphors at most and evil Jewish lies forced upon them through the Jew’s Bible. The Holocaust was probably hugely exaggerated and even though the overwhelming majority of Britain is not religious, everyone knows that the Jews killed God and every Jew in every place who ever lived or will live throughout history is to blame!
Now take a good hard look at yourself and dare to ask a question which you know must be asked but up until now, have been too terrified to do so.
What are you doing in that miserable country?
Come home.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How those kippa wearing Jews are creeping into all sectors of Israeli life

Shavuah Tov and Chodesh Tov,

Very funny episode of Latma News TV about the evil kippa wearing Jews popping up in positions where you'd least expect them...

It's a shame they didn't mention the equally deadly threat of those evil religious women with their kisui rosh (head coverings) gaining important positions in government and companies all over Israel as well.

Usually humour is about exaggerating the truth but in this case, the situation is understated. As mentioned in earlier posts, not a couple of days go by without YNET publishing some anti-religious article or opinion piece that had it been printed in any Western newspaper, would be considered anti-Semitic.

Just a quick look brings this little gem:

YNET is in ecstasy over statistics that show a drop of a massive 6.5% of registered Yeshiva students. What joy! There are less Jews in the world learning Torah! They interview a man who they title Rabbi... and tell us that he is the head of an organisation called "Hiddush" – For Religious Freedom and Equality (now doesn't that sound wonderful and cute) who tells us that:

"Increasing inspections initiated by the Treasury and Education Ministry is holy service, and we should hope that they won't be discouraged by political pressures on the part of the haredi parties. Fines are not enough. The State Prosecutor's Office must file indictments against those caught issuing false reports."

What YNET fails to tell its readers is that Rabbi ... is the head of the Reform Movement in Israel and has been waging a war against Orthodox Judaism, Hashem and Torah for decades.

I'm sure it was just an oversight.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 First Impressions

I’ve had this phone for over a week now. First impressions are very positive. In fact it only took a few days to become totally reliant upon it. Gone are all my folded pieces of notes in my breast pocket where I used to keep all my notes / numbers / reminders / shopping lists. Now it’s all on the Galaxy S.

In short I think the Galaxy S is fantastic which is why I suppose it would be quicker to tell you the things I’m less than happy with and then you can just assume that I’m ecstatically happy about the rest of the phone.

Micro SD Card not easily swapped

In order to swap the Micro SD Card you need to remove the silicone protective cover* and then the plastic back. Then you can pop out the existing one and pop in another. What a shame that you cannot access the Micro SD card without opening up the back as this would mean that one could swap in and out different cards and build up a collection. One for music, the other for shiurim, another for films… Having to remove the cover makes the collection option impractical.

Camera Lens Position

Small Gripe: While holding the Galaxy S in its standard portrait position with your left hand (so that you can type with your right), the camera lens is situated exactly where I place the tip of my index finger. (See photo  of back below). This means that whenever I want to take a photo I first need to clean the fingerprints off the lens with my glasses cloth. No doubt the designer was a “lefty”.

No Exit (Close App) button

Annoyance: This is not a fault with the Galaxy but a missing feature of Google’s Android operating system. There is no standard Exit button for the windows. This means that even when you return to the desktop of the Android machine, the application you were in is still running and taking up resources. To cope with this I have placed the Task Manager app on the first desktop screen so that I can see what is running and go into the task manager and kill all apps I don’t want running anymore. It’s annoying but manageable.

*** UPDATE ***

I've since learnt that pressing and holding the Home buttom brings up a kind of a task manager where you can switch to currently running apps, go to resently run apps and kill existing running apps. After using teh Galaxy S for a few months I no longer consider this issue a problem.

Loses Mobile Network

Slight Worry: I’ve noticed that occasionally (maybe once or twice a day) the Galaxy S loses the ability to send or receive calls but it only lasts a few minutes. The notification bar up the top tells me that I have a signal yet when I try and call someone it come up with “Call Ended” and never dials. While this is happening, people who are trying to call me receive the answer machine. Quite often, redialing immediately succeeds. Sometimes it lasts a few minutes. It's something to speak to Orange about I think. I suspect that the problem is not on the phone side.

*** UPDATE ***

The phone kept getting blocked every few days. I kept phoning Orange and they'd unblock the phone and it would work another couple of days and then get blocked again. Then one morning, Orange phoned and said that the reason why the device kept getting blocked was because Pelephone had marked my device as stolen! Orange told me that they could not unblock it anymore and asked me the details of where I'd bought the phone and how I'd paid. I told them everything, after all, I had nothing to hide. I contacted the phone shop where I'd purchased the machine and then began a week of arguments. Eventually I returned the phone by registered mail after they had agreed to give me a full credit card refund. However, as of this date (4/5/2011) they have yet to return my money and refuse to return my calls.

I loved the Galaxy S so much that I went to Orange and bought one there with a full package. The device works perfectly and of course now I get full support and insurance from Orange.

Network Signal Strength

The Galaxy is not as good as my old Motorola V3 but then again that was better than most others. For instance, going through the Jerusalem tunnel, many phones lose signal all together where as I could continue a conversation while driving through it the whole way. I’ve noticed that the Galaxy S drops to 1 or 2 bars signal strength and loses klita (signal) altogether while in some parts of the supermarket across the road from where I work. The Motorola had no problems in the supermarket ever. Whilst at work (in the centre of Yerushalayim) it remains a steady full signal however.

Battery Life

This is not a phone to take into the countryside for a few days. The Galaxy S needs recharging at least once a day. The good news is that it recharges not only from its charger but from any USB outlet as well so If you work in an office, you won’t have a problem. It’s worthwhile getting a micro USB charger for the car as well, just in case.

* It is a must, I repeat, a MUST to purchase a silicone protective cover for the Galaxy S body and a plastic strip for the screen. Make sure you get a protective cover that overlaps the device so that there is a protective lip running all around the front of the phone as well. (See picture below). It costs around NIS 50 for the set and will save the phone if accidently dropped. BTW, I have already done this. I dropped the Galaxy S in the street. The phone bounced once on the silicone cover and then came to rest on the ground. Baruch Hashem, not a scratch.

A clear cover.  I prefer this to all the flashy colours.

The silicone extends around the front, procecting the screen.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Straight Driving

I will never get used to how so many drivers in Israel consider it normal to snake in and out of lanes. I’ve seen them do it with the Police in full view. I always thought the Police were simply turning a blind eye but never actually thought that this is the preferred way of driving until I saw this sign in Yaffa road, Jerusalem, opposite the Central Bus Station.

(Taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S)

Actually the sign in Hebrew says “Straight Ahead Forbidden!”

I have no doubt that the Jerusalem council has plenty of native English speakers working for them yet the iriyah cannot be bothered to get their signs properly checked before they are put up.

Rembrandt, The Olympics and Zionist conspiracies

The British Press (See Daily Telegraph here and The Mirror here for two examples) seem totally flummoxed by the Iranian accusations of racism against the British. You can tell by the tone of the articles that they really don’t know what to make of (or how to deal with) Iran’s “outrage” and their threats to boycott the London Olympics 2012.

(From YNET)

Iran: London 2012 logo 'racist',7340,L-4035509,00.html

Islamic Republic says Olympic Games emblem spells word 'Zion', accuses British organizers of racism

The jagged, multi-colored emblem, which reportedly cost 400,000 pounds (nearly $650,000) features four bold numerals representing 2012, with the signature Olympic Rings emblazoned within the digit zero.

But Mohammad Aliabadi, head of the National Olympic Committee in the Islamic Republic, said the logo was undermining the event and accused the British organizers of indulging in "racism," ILNA reported.

"Unfortunately, we all are witnessing that the upcoming Olympics ... faces a serious challenge, definitely spawned out of some people's racist spirit," Aliabadi said in a letter to International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge.

"The use of the word Zion by the designer of Olympics logo the emblem of the Olympics Games 2012 is a very revolting act," he added, warning that if Rogge did not act the logo would "affect the participation of several countries, especially like Iran which insists on following principles and values."
Zion is a biblical term which often refers to the city Jerusalem.

Indeed the London Olympics organiser and spokesman, Sebastian Coe (a great British runner in his time) seems to have been left speechless!

The British Press constantly accuses Israel (read: “The Jews”) of being totally paranoid when it comes to criticism of themselves and screaming “Anti-Semitism” at every opportunity but as the saying goes,

"It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you”.

The first thing that the British press should understand is that only someone who is obsessed with Jewish hatred and sees Jewish/Zionist plots at every corner would have made such a statement.

As can be seen from resent You Tube videos of demonstrations in Egypt, for many people there, their main motivation for the overthrow of the government is not freedom of speech, freedom of the press, democracy or all these nice Western words but that, incredibly they needed to overthrow the government in order to install one who’s main goal will be the destruction of Israel! Even whilst they revolt against their oppressive leaders they still hang on fast to their Anti-Semitic beliefs.

See here:

This seems to be a common theme throughout the Middle East revolts as was correctly picked up by the brilliantly funny team at Latma TV:

In order to read “Zion” into the emblem one will have to read it Chinese style, that is top to bottom, going from left to right and ignore the diamond in the middle. No doubt the Iranians will explain that this diamond is actually a map of “Greater Israel”

For those who are baffled as to how Iran could possibly interpret the emblem this way and accuse the British of racism, I’ll enlighten you.

The Iranian leader, (aka Persian leader) knows that there is a famous Rembrandt painting sitting in none other than Britain’s National Gallery, London called 'Belshazzar's Feast', (painted in 1635).

The text of the warning reads:

מנא ,מנא, תקל, ופרסין
(Daniel 5:25)

Mene Mene – Hashem has counted the years of your kingship.
Tekel – and you have been weighed on the scales of justice and found wanting.
Upharsin – Your kingship is broken up (the word Pharis which means Persia is hidden within the word as well).

It is a warning to the Persian king that Hashem is about to destroy him.

However, in order to see the words in the painting you must read it from top to bottom, right to left.

(The “nun sofi” looks more like a zayin as well which adds to the confusion).

Just like the Olympic emblem!!! Now do you see why the Iranians are so worried?

There have been ingenious attempts by the British at hiding messages inside arstist's designs but this isn’t one of them!

To side track for a minute I’ll mention a lovely example.

The Channel Islands postage stamps during the German occupation.1941-1944, issued under the authority of the German occupation Army.

This set of postage stamps look like simple artist's drawings of the Jersey countryside with a simple pattern at the bottom incorparating the face value (postage price). The scenes were drawn by the British / local Jersey artist Edmund Blampied (who I understand had a Jewish wife).

Now, look at the 1/2d stamp upside down:

The initials "G VI R" (in reverse) which was the symbol for the King, King George VI (of “The King’s Speech” fame) can clearly be seen along with a huge “V” for victory symbol, . This was a tremendous act of defiance and may well have resulted in his execution had the Germans discovered his desception. How the people of Jersey kept this a secret from them I have no idea?

As can be seen from mainland British postage stamps from that era, the paper they printed on had a watermark with the symbol "G v R".

This one here for example is from the era of King George V, hence the "G v R".

See below for more details of Edmund Blampied and his brilliantly clever design:

Getting back to the main issue of Iran and the British Press.

Here is a link to a BBC video where they discuss the issue (badly):

Everything the BBC correspondent and so called expert says is factually correct yet they fail to state the obvious. Iran's statements should be condemned as the Anti-Semitic rant that it is. The BBC's failure to mention this shows that they have become blind to Jewish hatred even when it is shoved in their faces. They are prisoners of their own lies and bias for how can the BBC say the truth when they know that this will contradict their position that Israel (read the Jews) are to blame for all the problems of the Middle East? Boiled down,  the BBC's position on the Middle East conflict for the last 40 years has been that all the problems of the Middle East would be solved if only Israel ceased to exist.
Mumarac, defaced with Star of David
However, just as Hitler did in the 1930s and the Russians did in the 1900s, the Arab world scream and tear out their hair in hatred for the Jews because they have been taught in schools and by their leaders that the Jews are to blame for every problem they have. (Hence translations of "Mein Kamp" and "The Protocols" being best sellers throughout the region). Anti-Semitism is used today as it was then as a tool to take the people's minds off the fact that they have no human rights, democracy or freedom of speech and that their leaders are stealing all their national assets to amass their own personal fortunes. These are the true sources of the Arab's ills.
Gaddafi, defaced with Star of Davids

Even when revolution for freedom is now sweeping the Middle East, the BBC and indeed most of the British media still sticks to its postion that Israel is the route cause and every day that goes by, they look more pathetic.

There will never be true freedom until they stop blaming Jews for all the world’s ills and looking for Zionist conspiracies at every corner.

You may be thinking who I’m referring to? The Iranians, the Arab world or indeed the British Press?

I’m referring to all of the above!