Sunday, March 13, 2011

Terrorist Attack in Itamar

On Friday night, Arab terrorists entered the home of the Fogel family in the town of Itamar and as they slept, slit the throats of parents Ruth and Udi and then 11 year old Yoav, 4 year old Elad and a three month old baby, Hadas.

The Fogel’s three other young children escaped the attack. They were found by neighbours, covered in the blood of their parents and siblings.

When people of Gaza heard the news they hit the streets in jubilant celebration, firing guns, letting off fire crackers and handing out sweets to children.,7340,L-4041106,00.html

I saw from my office window this afternoon, Israelis lining the streets, blocking the entrance to Yerushalayim, as they made their way to the levoiyah (funeral).

As Israel mourns the loss of this beautiful Jewish family, let’s look at some of the British media and see how they reported the news.

Note: that these are the outlets which reported the murders. The other outlets did not even think it worth a mention due to the Japanese Earth quake disaster taking up all the headlines.

Scotland On Sunday’s headline reads:

"Palestinians blamed after Israeli family knifed to death"

The Arab terrorists were seen by neighbours. Does the “Scotland On Sunday” have evidence that in fact they weren’t Arabs who carried out this atrocity? Why the emphasis on the Palestinians when the news is about the murder of Jews?

Three paragraphs down they report:

“Israeli officials said Palestinian militants infiltrated the settlement and killed the couple and the children, ages 11 and three. A baby was also killed.”

I am sure that the Israeli spokesman did not use the word “killed” but “murdered”! If they are going to quote then do it properly and don’t doctor the words to fit your political position. You see “killed” sounds so much better doesn’t it? They may have tragically fallen on a blade accidently for instance?

They aren’t the only ones. Yahoo News headlines:

"Jewish couple and three children killed in West Bank"

The family were “killed”! What was it? A tragic car accident? Did they simply die in their sleep of unknown causes?

However, the prize for the most contemptible headline goes to none other than the BBC.

"Israel approves new Jewish settler homes in West Bank"

The article reports of the angry reaction of the Palestinians to this new approval and only six paragraphs down so we learn that this is Israel’s response to a terrorist attack.

“A manhunt is continuing in the West Bank after five members of a Jewish settler family - including two children and a baby - were stabbed to death as they slept on Friday night.”

The BBC won’t leave it at that though and lest you feel even the slightest sorrow for the loss of lives, the BBC has to point out that they deserved it and had it coming to them as they were not human beings but “settlers”.

“Nearly half a million Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel's 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

They are held to be illegal under international law, although Israel disputes this.”

The same sentiments were echoed by Reuters:

"Family of five Jewish settlers killed in West Bank as Israeli officials blame Palestinian infiltrator"

Translation: They are not human beings, they are West Bank settlers. They were not murdered but “killed” and the real victims are the Palestinians who Israeli Officials somehow “blame”.

The Daily Express uses the same tacked. Its headline reads:


Then we learn that

“The decision comes days after five members of a family in a Jewish West Bank settlement were murdered in their sleep.”

Well at least they used the word “murdered”.

The Daily Telegraph is not much better:

"Israeli settler family murdered, Palestinians accused "

Again, we should be thankful that they used the word murdered although “Israeli Settler family” does dehumanize the murders.

The Telegraph accurately reports the Israeli Military spokesman but cannot resist placing the words “Palestinian terrorists” in quotes, lest its readers make the mistake in thinking that the newspaper thinks that they were terrorists.

“The Israeli military said "Palestinian terrorists" had infiltrated the settlement.”

The Independent on Sunday has the headline:

“Israeli settler family stabbed”

It's only when you go into the article do they tell you that by the way, they were actually “stabbed to death” but due to financial cut backs no doubt they had to leave these two words out of the headline. Never mind, they aren’t really human because they are only an “Israeli Settler family” after all!

How did we get to this situation?
Israelis ask themselves how it is that an entire nation’s mind can be poisoned to believe that lies are truth and truths are lies. I tell them that I know how it was done as I witnessed it with my own eyes.
It was achieved in Britain by brainwashing the students at University in the 1980s with pseudo liberal anti-Semitism (in the guise of anti-Zionism) spread by radicalised ulta-left lecturers and something which I called  the “professional” student. These "students" came from places like Iran, Syria, Egypt and the Gulf States. They had been specially trained in their host countries to spread anti-Zionist propaganda and sent to Universities all over Britain.

The host countries paid (read bribed) the universities with huge sums to keep these students at these places of higher learning even though the students never did any real work and hardly ever turned up for any lectures. They were instead employed the whole time in organising anti-Israel demonstrations and involved in student's committees that influenced the political stance of the university.
Those, like myself, who constantly complained to the university authorities were consistantly ignored or fobbed off with embarrassing excuses. The universities, strapped for cash, needed the money to stay afloat. Even, after grotesque anti-Semitic literature and cartoons were collected and placed on the authority’s tables, the university did nothing.
So, after a few years of this, British students who had been successfully brainwashed, graduated and took up positions in the British media, academia and business world. This translates today into anti-Israel bias in the press and academic and economic boycotts of Israel.
All it took was time and lots of Arab money.

As I drove home this evening I saw hundreds of people at the entrance to Yerushalayim in peaceful demonstrations. The message was to build, build, build.

May Hakodesh Baruch Hu put a spirit of wisdom, bravery and understanding into the hearts of the entire Israeli government to withstand the pressure of the Americans and Europeans and do what is right is Hashem's eyes. To build Jewish homes in the whole of Eretz Yisrael with all the resources available to them. Amen.


Reb Mordechai said...

Please read my latest blog post "Terrorist attack in Itamar".

David said...

Very sad, but true. You analyzed it very well, but have you found anyone who cares?
David Kohn

David said...

Well said. Very sad, but does the world care?
David Kohn