Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Open Letter To British Jewry

An Open Letter To British Jewry.
I really hope all of you take the time to watch Channel Four’s “The Promise”. A hate feast of lies, distortions, unadulterated anti-Israel propaganda and pure Jewish hatred. More importantly, see how much most of Britain loved it!
Read and savour the utterly delighted, rapturous and euphoric reviews from all the major British News Papers who cannot praise the drama enough for its bravery to tell “the truth” about those Jews despite the power of what they truly believe is the satanic Zionist control of the media.
Peruse through the talk backs and comments and see that 95% of the writers are all too willing to believe every blood libel against Jews and that anyone who tries to set the record straight is jumped upon and accused of being part of the great evil Zionist plot. Finally the truth is out. Jews are terrorists, worse than Nazis, the scum of the earth and responsible for all evil in the world.
The British today feel that they have been finally released from the shackles of accusations of anti-Semitism. For too long the British will tell you, ,the Jews, through their manipulation and power have used the Holocaust to make themselves a protected species since WWII but now  it’s open season on those Jews in Britain today.
Afterall, everyone is doing it in Britain. Parliament, The Church of England, The Left, The Right, all are screaming that there is no problem which the Jews cannot be blamed for.
See what is really in so many British hearts as their hatred spews and oozes out from every orifice with such relief and joy.
There are Goyim in Britain who are not anti-Semitic, who do know the truth in their hearts but, for the most part, they are weak and are unwilling or unable to protect or defend you against such overwhelming odds. It is fashionable and cool in the UK to hate Israel and Jews. As the sign below says, its now "kosher" to hate those Zionists.

Watch and take a good, long hard look at what the British really think of you.
Look at the facts. You are scared and with good reason. Your schools and shuls need guards to protect your children. Even if you are brave enough to send your children to Jewish schools, you rip off the kippa and tzittit from your child’s body as soon as you leave the premises, lest anyone see that you are Jewish.
In the work place you are constantly nervous and on edge, waiting for the next anti-Israel remark. If you dare to open your mouth you are accused of being a Zionist apologist, defending the indefensible.
Meanwhile, the Muslims, who pose a real and imminent threat to British lives, to its democracy, freedom of speech, human rights and morality; they are to be supported and loved.
The British truly want to believe with all their hearts that the massacre in Jenin really did take place, Mohammed Al-Dura was murdered by Israeli soldiers, the Gaza strip is worse than a concentration camp, the Palestinians have been living in the land for thousands of years, the Jews were not really ever there. The Jewish Temple never really existed. Israel and the Jewish Kings are religious metaphors at most and evil Jewish lies forced upon them through the Jew’s Bible. The Holocaust was probably hugely exaggerated and even though the overwhelming majority of Britain is not religious, everyone knows that the Jews killed God and every Jew in every place who ever lived or will live throughout history is to blame!
Now take a good hard look at yourself and dare to ask a question which you know must be asked but up until now, have been too terrified to do so.
What are you doing in that miserable country?
Come home.

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