Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There are still people in Britain who recognise the BBC for what it is

The British Blood-Libel Corporation

Reading the flood of talkback comments on the "B-BBC" site (a site dedicated to the bias of the BBC) indicates that there are still people in Britain who recognise the BBC for what they are: That is, no better than the Jew hating Nazis of the 1930s.

See the excellent piece here:

The B-BBC’s article analyses the BBC’s cynical use of quotes showing the BBC’s callous position that there is doubt as to the truth of the facts of this atrocity. This abuse of the noble English language confirms a blanket editorial position that Israelis (at least those who are not left wing loonies) cannot be believed or that the text in quotes is to be seen in an ironic context.

The BBC article is fit for the pages of a modern day "Der Sturmer".

Why does the BBC fail to mention the fact that Arabs in Gaza and the “Palestinian Authority” (correct use of quotes here) were openly celebrating the terrorist attack?

A Palestinian man distributes sweets in the streets of the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on March 12, 2011 to celebrate an attack which killed five Israeli settlers at the Itamar settlement near the West Bank city of Nablus. SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images

Mahmoud Abbas’ “the moderate” (correct use of ironic quotes here) is praised by the BBC for his condemnation in English even though he did not condemn the atrocity in Arabic for local audiences.

So what was Abbas’ message to the Arab streets, totally ignored by the whole of the Western media? Abbas was actually at a naming ceremony for a square, named after a terrorist who murdered Jews whilst at exactly the same time, the Fogel family were being laid to rest.

See article in Haaretz amongst others:

Just one example of the BBC’s evil can be found in this paragraph:


“The attack on the Fogel family has been met with outrage in Israel and has shocked many Palestinians. Israel suspects the attack was carried out by Palestinian militants.”

Not only does the BBC neglect to report the mass celebrations that took place in the Arab streets or the official dedication ceremony that took place yesterday but they have to insert this little lie:

“…shocked many Palestinians”

Exactly which Palestinians are these? Certainly not anyone speaking on the Arabic speaking media. Maybe they interviewed Joe Mohamed in the street? I doubt it. The BBC have quite obviously made this up and simply written this bit of wishful thinking without any basis in reality.

Not content with this, the BBC put the icing on the cake by saying that Israelis “suspect” the attack was carried out by “Palestinian militants”. Apparently the BBC is in some doubt as to who committed the atrocity even after Arab Terrorist organisations claimed responsibility for it.

I know that this next point has been made time and time again but I feel it must be continued to be made until the Western media stops its immoral use of the term. A “militant

Definition of the word “militant”: Someone who takes an aggressive position on any issue. Who has hard-line or hawkish policies. Those who favour extreme or confrontational campaign methods.

Is this what the BBC thinks is an extreme campaign method?

I could have used photos from Google Images of 3 month old baby Hadas’ head severed from her tiny body or the slit throat of four year old Elad but that's not necessary . It is more than sufficiently horrific simply sitting and looking at that tiny wrapped up body and realising that there are people in this world who are capable of such atrocities and that moreover, there are people who are capable of putting fingers on keyboards and describing this act as an act of a “militant”.

What kind of monstrous, immoral, inhumane and satanic organisation would call the perpetrators of these acts anything other than terrorists and murderers?

The answer is in three letter: B B C.

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There are still people in Britain who recognise the BBC for what it is.