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YNET and the Female Reporter on Bus

YNET doesn't allow facts to get in the way of a good story especially when it comes to their favourite sport, that is Chareidi bashing!
This morning there was an article in YNET entitled:
"I won’t sit at the back of the bus
Ynet special: Tanya Rosenblit recounts clash of civilizations she experienced on Israeli bus; ‘until yesterday, I was sure that I live in a free country,’ she says "
Clash of civilisations? The writer without subtlety uses the same language that we would associate with Islamists who commit mass murder and force their women to cover their bodies in black tents. From the off, you know where this is going.
YNET descibes Tanya Rosenblit "as a student" who innocently happened to board an Egged bus that runs through a Chareidi neighbourhood and sat behind the bus driver in order to ask directions. She was sitting there, quietly minding her own business, when a spontaneous crowd of men speaking in Yiddish formed around the bus…
“…I was a little scared at that point. Nobody bothered to turn to me and ask me to do what seemed so logical to them – for me to move to the back. They made do with pointing at me, calling me names, and expressing outrage over Egged’s failure to safeguard their rights. I must admit I still don’t understand what these rights are.”
In her article, Tanya asks why these men don’t obey the Talmudic statement of Derech Eretz Kadma LaTorah (proper behavior comes before the Torah.)”?
The bus driver asked her to move to the rear. She refused. The situation became so tense that the driver called the police. The policeman asked her to move to the back. When she repeatedly refused, the policeman instructed the driver to go, leaving her where she was sitting. Those who wanted to board the bus could, those that didn’t could wait for the next bus.
She finishes her article with:
“We must not allow one pressure group or another to overrun the unique voice of any one of us. Freedom is not a curse word; everyone aspires for it in every society and in any situation. If we give up the stigmas and approach the person who hides behind the words “haredim” or “seculars” we can produce genuine dialogue and possibly minimize the gap between us.”
Any normal person reading this account would feel genuine sympathy for her or even admiration. Some have even called her a “hero”.
I am personally against Egged sex segregated buses
Let me state from the outset that I am personally against Egged, Israel’s public bus company, agreeing to sex segregated buses. If the Chareidi community wish to organise private coaches and arrange with consent of both the men and women to segregated seating then gezinterhait, fine! However the public bus system should not agree to impose such restrictions. If I were traveling on an intercity Egged bus with my wife or daughter then I'd certainly like to sit next to them. There is, as far as I understand, no halachic precedent for such a chumra (stringency).
It could be the case that Egged bus passengers on buses that run through Chareidi neighbourhoods will, on their own volition, organise themselves so that women sit at the back but it should be made clear that, being that this is a public and not a chartered coach, if a female passenger gets on and for whatever reason, wishes to sit at the front of the bus then no one has the right to complain. I would consider it appropriate for someone, who would have to be a woman, to politely and with respect explain what the practice (by common agreement) on these buses is but if the female passenger nevertheless refuses to comply with the request, they should be left alone and not harassed.
While traveling on Egged buses I have experienced a few related but not exact same cases as this one.
The Couple on the Bus
One such incident took place some 15 years ago whilst I was traveling on the bus to the Kosel (The Western Wall plaza) where the vast majority of passengers were religious.

Egged Bus to the Kosel

There was a young American couple, either in their late teens or early twenties on the bus, sitting together and showing open affection to the point where it would have been considered embarrassing to other passengers, even on the top deck of a Double Decker in London.
He was wearing a kippah but both were very scantily dressed in frayed denim shorts and torn t-shirts (which was at that time the current fashion statement).

Upper Deck on a London Bus

I would imagine that had this incident happened on a London bus then passengers would have stared disapprovingly whilst the couple were not looking, quickly turning away when they thought that they were, and giving others knowing looks but would almost certainly have kept quiet. However this is Israel! Within a few minutes some four or five men and women started shouting at them and pointing at them in an aggressive manner, from what I could understand, they were demanding that the couple get off the bus.
The young couple became noticeably distressed at the attention they were receiving and were completely clueless as to what had caused it, not understanding any Hebrew at all. I pushed my way through the crowded bus to their seat and stood over them and proceeded to explain to them what was happening. They actually seemed embarrassed if not a little scared and confused. The girl took a shawl from her bag and wrapped it around herself. I then turned to the crowd and said to them in a firm but friendly voice to “Leave them alone, they are tourists, Jews estranged from Judaism and in any case, they don’t understand what you are saying to them”. To my amazement, the crowd calmed down and many looked away. I had half expected them to start screaming at me but Baruch Hashem, this did not happen.
I got talking to the couple who said that they were on an Israel trip organised by their Reform Temple. I said to them that when they got to the Western Wall, to look out for Outreach guys in the men’s section and women doing the same thing in the women’s section, who could find them, if they wanted,  places for Shabbat so that they could experience a real Jewish old City Shabbat. “Free?” they asked me. I assured them that yes, it was free and added that they should use the opportunity to ask as many questions as they wanted about Judaism and assured them that they’d have a great time.
I don’t know if they found a kiruv worker but I’d like to believe that they did and today are living blissfully in the Rova (the Jewish quarter of the Old city) with 8 kids. Who knows?
Getting back to the YNET article, it is a personal account of events by this woman. However I found another, very different account of the same incident in the Chareidi Internet site

Tanya Rosenblit it appears is a freelance reporter, apparently on special assignment for YNET. She boarded a special “LeMahedrin” bus traveling from Ashdod to Yerushalayim, where the arrangement is, by agreement of the overwhelming majority of passengers on those lines, for segregation of the sexes. Men at the front, women at the back. This directly contradicts Tanya’s account in YNET where she writes that it was an ordinary regular Egged bus and she just happened to find herself there.
She entered the bus and sat on the outside of a two passenger seat next to the driver and waited to see what would happen. When passengers passed her by without incident she decided to use some provocation tactics and began to sing in a loud voice and (intentionally leaning out of her seat) nudge male passengers with her elbow as they got on the bus.
Eye witnesses state that both men and women attempted to persuade her gently, in a friendly manner to stop the provocation and move to the rear of the bus with the other women. They said that they attempted to talk to her “Jew to Jew” but to no avail. The woman reporter screamed that if she wasn’t allowed to sit at the front then she’d undress on the bus and then proceeded to play with the buttons of her blouse.
At this, many passengers got off the bus and formed a crowd around it. The bus driver quite rightly called the police who, according to the Chareidi report acted in a polite and fair manner eventually deciding that despite the reporter’s obvious provocation, she had a right to sit where she wanted. Those who wanted to get on the bus did and those who didn’t had to wait for the next bus.

In my opinion, the policeman was the hero in this story who proved that the conclusion reached in the Israeli press is wrong. We are not living in a repressive society here in Israel because the outcome of the story was that the Policeman, despite being told by numerous witnesses of her provocation, did not throw her off the bus but upheld her legal and civil rights. I would say that it proves exactly the opposite of what the Israeli media claims.
If even half the account as related in is true then it seems that Tanya cynically provoked and exploited this confrontation to create something news worthy and her request for dialog and understanding at the end of her article is purely fallacious by design.
Her article was written intentionally to provoke exactly the opposite reaction from her readers in YNET. Not dialog but hatred. Anyone reading her article will conclude that the Chareidim are primitive, sheep like, evil and stupid at the same time and pose the greatest danger to the State of Israel.
She will go far in her career at YNET.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Syria says that if NATO attacks, they'll wipe out Tel Aviv

I'm sorry, this really has got nothing to do with us!

Are we on the verge of war Chas VeShalom?

The Jerusalem Post reports today that:
 “If NATO attacks Syria, we’ll fire missiles at Tel Aviv”
‘Israel warns Assad: Attack us, we’ll hit you personally’
Israel reportedly sends message through Ankara following intelligence reports revealing unusual troop, missile movement, Kuwaiti reports.”

YNET reports:
Assad threatens to attack Tel Aviv in case of NATO strike
“In meeting with Turkish FM, Syrian president discusses possibility of NATO strike, says 'I won't need more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets to Golan to fire at Tel Aviv'

The BBC reports:
“ ”

The Daily Telegraph reports:
“ ”

SKY News reports:
“ ”

The Times Middle East Page reports:
“ ”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Expulsion of Migron and the SPU

This is a hilarious classic comedy sketch from the British comedy series “Not the Nine O’clock News” featuring Griff Rhys Jones and Rowan Atkinson.

The punch line “…this is why I’m transferring you to the SPG…” is only understandable by those who lived in Britain in the 1970s and 80s. The SPG was a very controversial special Police unit to combat public unrest, named the “Special Patrol Group”. The unit was deployed to confront possible riot situations. Because they were trained in anti-riot techniques and crowd control, using non-standard police equipment that made them look like a South American Para Military force, they quickly became very unpopular and were seen as an affront to the British way of life. In 1987, after a public outcry due to a series of controversial court cases and accusations of brutality brought against the force, they were disbanded.

Photo shows Police tackling protesters in the Southall riots in April 1979 - Blair Peach, an anti-fascist protestor, received a fatal blow to the head minutes after the Special Patrol Group arrived at the scene. A Police report determined that he was killed by a member of the SPG although no officer was ever arrested.

Although it is tempting to see a need for such a force in times of crisis, at least in Britain, the consensus was that the danger to freedom, justice and democracy outweighed any possible advantage of having such a police unit.

Now look at this video taken on the 6th September 2011 in the Jewish settlement of Migron.

I have to say that I was shocked to the core and deeply ashamed after watching this, that anything like this could happen in Israel. This Police unit, known as the ”Yechida Siur Meyuchedet” (a direct translation being “The Special Patrol Unit”) or “Yasam” for short, has the almost identical  name to the British force which was disbanded all those years ago. This unit is an insult to everything we hold dear in Judaism and the State of Israel.

I would hope that anyone watching this video, whether left or right wing, religious or not, must surely condemn the existence of such a unit within Israel’s police force.

They seem to be made of trained inhumane thugs who have been given a license to be a law unto themselves.

They have no name tags and refuse to divulge their names which means that unwarranted assaults and abuse carried out by these men will go unpunished.

What happened in Migron is unacceptable in any freedom loving democratic country which claims to have a civilised legal system with full citizen’s rights. There needs to be a public outcry from everyone who believes in even basic human rights of Israeli citizens to dismantle this unit.

A leftwing friend at work said that being that this occured "over the Green Line" and not "in Israel proper" so regular civil rights do not apply and that in certain situations, the police must have the power to use more force than would usually be acceptable, if only to protect themselves and prevent a potentially dangerous situation. You know what, I can understand what he was saying but, and this is a huge BUT! No one, but no one should be beyond the law. There must be a way to hold these men accountable if and when they cross the line.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

With the deepest respect,…badly done, badly done!...

The Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Great Britain, Lord Jonathan Sacks does seem to consistently and successfully annoy me with his writings and speeches. I’m sure it’s nothing personal as indeed is this criticism of a Parshat Hashavuah he wrote some few weeks ago.

The article in question was penned for parshas Ve’eschanan.

My general criticism of the article is that the writer sounds more like an Oxbridge educated Church of England parish vicar rather than an Orthodox Rabbi in his writings.

I thought his blatant and inappropriate criticism of the State of Israel very unfortunate. However this point should be a subject of a blog post all on its own.

What I also found disturbing which is the subject of this post,  is the astonishing credence and honour he gives to a Church of England translation of the Bible, lending it dangerous and (unorthodox if you will) totally undue legitimacy in the eyes of his target audience which I assume are the members of the Orthodox Jewish community. His words would however warm the cockles of the hearts of his fellow English Bishops in the House of Lords. I cannot read Lord Sack’s mind but were these Xstian Clerics his real intended audience?

He writes
“Then came the translation of the Bible into the vernacular. We tend to forget that the Hebrew Bible is a subversive work…..In the 1530s the great Tyndale translation appeared. Tyndale paid for this with his life: he was arrested, found guilty of heresy, strangled and burned at the stake in 1536”.
Surely his Lordship’s words are incompatible with any accepted [Orthodox] hashkafa?

The Tyndale Bible is a translation into English of (at least according to most modern scholars) the German translation by Luther, written some few years earlier. It is not, as is commonly claimed, a direct translation from the Hebrew. We see that wherever Luther mistranslates from the original Hebrew (sometimes through ignorance and sometimes intentionally to conform to Xstian theology and score some anti-Jewish propaganda points) so does Tyndale.

One example which really catches Tyndale out is Luther’s mistranslation of the word “Matzah” which, as any Jewish child would tell you means “unleavened bread”.

Luther mistranslates this word Matzah as “ungesdäuert” which means "unsoured" bread because he mistranslates the word “seor” as sour. The word “Seor” is used in Rabbinic Halachic terminology to refer to sourdough (a substance that in itself is non-edible but can be used as a leavening agent to make chametz bread) but within a Torah context means any kind of leavened or fermented dough either still raw or later cooked. Tyndale gives the game away by translating Luther’s “ungesdäuert” for Matza as “sweetbread”, that is, bread which is not sour. Translating from German into English, it is an understandable mistake.

There are many other examples but this simple and blatant one will suffice to prove my point. Despite legend, there is no evidence that he even knew Hebrew, let alone consulted with Rabbonim as to the correct way to translate the Torah.

Tyndale’s execution probably has more to do with his break from the traditional Catholic doctrine into Lutheranism rather than his supposed blasphemous translation from Hebrew.

Tyndale is to be praised for his passionate campaign in the reintroduction of English as the official language of government and religion.

To quote Melvyn Bragg, “William Tyndale has had more influence on the way we speak than anyone except Shakespeare.”

His Bible caused a radical change in the English language and English society as a whole. Tyndale promised “A Bible for the people in their spoken language”. He waged a cultural war against what he saw as foreign influences within England and as part of this, believed passionately in the wide spread dissemination throughout England of a Bible written in plain English, not necessarily an accurate one though.

He was found guilty of heresy and executed in Holland in October 1536. His last words were reportedly “Oh Lord, open the King of England’s eyes”. In fact, the king’s eyes had already been opened and within days, Henry VIII started adopting Tyndale’s very reforms, breaking away from Rome. Unfortunately it came just too late to save Tyndale.

I would agree with any Englishman that Tyndale is without doubt a national hero. However praise and credence for his Bible in a Parshat HaShavuah sheet which is meant after all to teach us Torah, is in my opinion, nauseatingly inappropriate.

Let no British Jew forget, least of all an Orthodox Rabbi that Tyndale’s Bible still contains all the mistranslations, out and out lies and pure anti-Semitism which you will find in any Xstian Bible. This is the same Xstian Bible which has been used for centuries to kick up anti-Jewish hatred and inspire and instigate persecution and pogroms, eventually and directly resulting in The Holocaust.

With the greatest respect to the chief Rabbi, to quote from another great English classic, Jane Austen’s Emma:

…badly done Emma, badly done!...I must tell you the truth while I still can, proving myself your friend by the most faithful counsel, trusting that sometime you will do my faith in you greater justice than you do it now...”.

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Looking for a great red wine for Rosh Hashana?

Looking for a great red wine to start your Rosh Hashana with?

Well I have been busy lately writing some wine reviews.


Ramat HaGolan (Golan Heights) Winery Yarden Mount Hermon Red 2009 versus Psagot "Edom" Blend 2009.

Followed by:
Har Odem (Odem Mountain) Volcanic Merlot 2009

And lastly:
Dalton Reserve Merlot 2007


Sunday, September 18, 2011

A tribute to Daniel Rogov

I wish to give tribute to Israel’s first and foremost wine expert and critic, Daniel Rogov, who sadly passed away this month. Baruch Dayan Emes. Daniel Rogov was actually a pen name, his real name being David Joroff.
Oh how I remember when he used to write Israeli restaurant reviews in the Jerusalem Post back in the 1980s. He regularly incensed me with his reviews of non-kosher restaurants and recommendations of treif food. I remember thinking that there are thousands of treif food and drink reviews all over the world published every week. Was it too much to ask for that Israel’s leading English language newspaper review kosher restaurants and publish recipes with only kosher ingredients? I was not alone in my thinking.
Daniel, like the majority of Russian Jews who emigrated to the West in the 1930s, was a product of 2,000 years of assimilation, pogroms, starvation and general Jewish persecution. Most Jews who escaped the horrors of Europe just wanted to live a comfortable life and leave the Shtetl and “all that Jewish thing” behind. Remaining Torah observant was the exception not the rule. Many so called experts predicted the demise of Orthodox Jewry and Mitzvah observance by no later than the 1960s. How wrong they were but looking back at the state of World Jewry in the 1930s and 40s, how very understandable that feeling must have been.
I have heard Rav Zev Leff say in many of his shiurim that we Shomrei Shabbos Jews living today in the 21st century do not fully appreciate the heroism of those simple Yidden who remained loyal to the Rebeinu Shel Olam, Avinu Malkeinu when Orthodox Judaism was probably as popular as a skin rash. We should look back in awe at those holy champions who sent their children to Torah schools, refused to work on Shabbos and refused to buy treif food when they hardly had any money to feed their own children as it was. Despite all their trials, Shabbos in their homes was so sweet and overflowing with kedusha. How seductive assimilation must have been and understandable it is that the vast majority succumbed and compromised on their Judaism. Who are we to judge Jews like Rogov?  We who did not experience their challenges!
Had Hakodesh Baruch Hu not had rachmanus upon Klal Yisrael and sent the likes of Rav Moshe Feinstein (zt”l) and Rav Shlomo Zalman Aubach (zt”l) as well as many other Torah giants to save Klal Yisrael, who knows what would have happened?
Back in the 1980s, I don’t suppose there weren’t many if any Shomrei  Mitzvos food and wine experts out there with the talent to write professional and objective reviews. Despite taking a lot of (in my opinion) legitimate flak from those who condemned his promotion of treif food and saw him as “the enemy” in the war against assimilation, Daniel doesn’t seem to have become anti-religious in any way. Instead of ridiculing kosher food and wine, Daniel instead took the position that kosher consumers had every right to insist the same quality in food and wine as the gentile world's equivalent. It is no exaggeration to say that Daniel was in a large part, responsible for the tremendous success of the award winning Israeli Wine industry we have today and the abundance of excellent kosher Israeli wineries which spoil us rotten with their varieties and elegance and sophistication, considered as good as, if not the best in the world.
Daniel, at least in the beginning, almost single handedly waged (what was considered at the time) and almost impossible campaign against the world who associated kosher wine with sweet cough syrup like liquid, and he won! Today, people all over the world enjoy “Made in Israel” quality wines which brings much needed exports as well as associating excellence with something made in Israel. Most importantly however, Daniel’s legacy will be that today’s Frum Jews can raise the kedusha of their Shabbos Kiddush like no other previous generation by the hidur mitzvah of using a suburb quality kosher wine grown in in the soil of Eretz Yisrael, thanks to Daniel.
Many Rabbonim teach that it is preferable to use unsweetened wine for Kiddush as well as the mitzvah of the Arbah Kosos on Leil HaSeder. The reason being that sweetened wine was not suitable for use in the Beis HaMikdash service. Daniel Rogov, with his unique Yiddishe insight explains that the Land Of Israel before the destruction and exile of the Jewish people was a major wine producer (as is confirmed by certain Mishniot). The knowledge of making good kosher wine was lost however when we were sent into Golus. All over Europe, the non-Jews issued harsh decrees forbidding Jews from owning land or even being partners with a goy in having a share in a field. Consequently the Jewish community was forced to buy grapes from the local food markets in order to make kosher wine. These grapes were of course of the eating variety and not meant for wine making. To try and compensate for the poor quality grapes that produced bitter wine, the kosher wine maker was forced to add a lot of sugar. This is how, according to Daniel, we came to associate kosher wines with what is in fact “sweet alcoholic syrup”.
Now that we are back in our land after 2,000 years of exile (Baruch Hashem), Israel has quickly relearned all the wine making skills we once had by adopting skills from the French and Californians and even resurrected a few ancient skills of our own from examinations of archaeological digs. It would seem to me that the continued use of sweet sugary so called "Kiddush wine" for the mitzvos actually perpetuates the old anti-Semitic decree!
It is said that the Vilna Gaon put on his Shabbos Clothes to meet the first batch of kosher wine arriving in Vilna from Eretz Yisrael. The legend goes that the first batches were pretty awful stuff yet the Vilna Gaon insisted that wine from Eretz Yisrael took priority over better quality wine made in Chutz LaAeretz when it came to the mitzvah of Kiddush. Like the Vilna Gaon, Daniel’s actions and efforts in promoting quality kosher wine has made sure that wine from Eretz Yisrael today has become the preferred wine for most Shomrei Shabbos Jews all over the world.
May Daniel Rogov's name be remembered for a blessing, zichrono Lebracha.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Caol Ila single malt whisky

I have a new review featuring Caol Ila single malt on my Reviews blog. before the review, I give a quick rundown on Islay Malts available on the market.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Israeli Android phone App which will lead to the murder of Jews, chas veshalom!

Here are two “Blue and White” Israeli Android phone apps which I will not be buying. It will become clear to you, dear readers why I have chosen my main Blog to write about these apps and not my Review blog very soon.

The first Android App, written by an Israeli by the name of Nir Yaniv claims to do nothing. For $ 1 (NIS 3.41) you can download his app from the Android Market and it will do absolutely nothing.

But that’s not all. It’s quite common to find Android apps in two versions. The “Lite” version and the “Pro” version which costs more money obviously, offering more options etc. Well Nir has also produced the Nothing Pro version for $ 9 (NIS 31). He claims that the app also does nothing but uses less CPU and memory doing it! Amazingly, people have bought his apps. I cannot call it a scam because this guy quite clearly states that you are paying for nothing!

I contemplated writing to him asking Nir to add at least a Language option so that you could switch his app into Hebrew/French/Spanish etc., to show “Nothing” in your own language but then it would actually be doing something wouldn’t it!

Now for a far more sinister Android App. A syndicate of Israeli iPhone and Android developers being hosted under various names like “Happy App” (such a cute and cuddly name) and “Activismos” but all registered to one Meital Sharon, have produced an app called “Buy No Evil”.

This app purports to give you an up to date database of all products made in Judea, Shomrom and the Golan so that you can boycott them. It claims that the developers are not falling foul of Israel’s new anti-boycott law because they claim that the app simply informs people who wish to boycott Israeli products and does not actually promote the boycott. It’s like having an App that teaches terrorists how to make bombs and the best place to blow them up and then claiming that it doesn’t in fact promote terrorism!

The app says “Israeli settlements are an obstacle to peace, Consumer awareness can stop it..” Install and donate.

There is a link to the developer’s website. This takes you to a site called That’s when you see the bloodied hand for the first time.

This site leads you to a Blog/News site called with more hands shown prominently on every page.

(Incidentally, going to the parent site, I see it hosts a collection of ultra-left-wing Israeli bloggers who write, amongst other things that Israel has no right to exist, that the Balfour Declaration is invalid as it was written by Imperialist Britain and anything decided by Imperialism is today null and void. Their position is that the only thing that really matters is the rights of the indigenous inhabitants of the land which they say are the Palestinian people who they believe have been living in a country called Palestine since the year dot! Fewwww!)

The site claims that its purpose is:

אנו נשתדל להפוך לארכיון כתבות שיתעדו את התדרדרותה המהירה של ישראל, ממצב זכויות האדם בשטחים ועד לאלימות המשטרתית בישראל עצמה, אנחנו נתעד.

A rough translations being:

"We will try and record articles to document the rapid decline of Israel, the human rights situation in the territories and Israel itself, police violence, we’ll keep a record [of everything]."

The understanding I get from reading their site (in Hebrew) is that these Israelis are complaining that the “occupation” of (as they see it) Arab owned lands is destroying Israeli democracy and the only way to save Israel is to give the Arabs all the land. The obvious problem with this is that these Israeli idiots probably believe that this means all the land acquired since the Six Day War in 1967. What they don’t or won’t understand is that the Arabs demand all the land including their precious Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. The Arabs scream from every roof top, at every demonstration all over the world “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free!” In other words, the total destruction of Israel.

Pay special attention to the video at 5:24 when the narrator explains what this common chant, shouted out at demonstations all over the world, actually means.

The Israeli developers of “Buy No Evil” also have an English site which was translated by volunteers.

It is interesting how this site translates the original Hebrew site. The same sentence quoted above in Hebrew, now in English:

“We will try to become an archive of news stories which document the swift collapse of Israel, from human rights in the Occupied Territories to police violence inside Israel-proper, we will be documenting them all.”

Is it just me or do we see a subtle change in objectives here on the English site? They have translated the word “decline” as “collapse” so that the goal now reads “the swift collapse of Israel”. This implies that their goal is chronicling not the perceived “decline” of Israeli democracy but the destruction of the State of Israel itself!

Of cause, those red hands are everywhere, on every page.

What is their significance?

Cast your mind back to 12/10/2000

The video shows the sanitized version of what happened when two Israeli reserve soldiers got lost and wandered into Ramallah. They were taken to the police station and a mob, including many children, rushed in and murdered the two soldiers, mutilating their body remains, throwing them out the window, tearing out their organs and parading them through the streets to the cheers of everyone. The most famous snapshot of all was one of the murderers sticking his bloodied hands out of the window and cheering.

This animalistic scene has been memorialized and celebrated at children’s school dramas and plays and graduation ceremonies throughout the Gaza and Palestinian territories.

The bloody hands of Ramallah are also prominently displayed with pride at Anti-Israel demonstrations all over the world.

These bloodied hands have come to symbolize the Palestinian’s ultimate goal, that is to destroy Israel and murder every single Jew. That includes the same idiots who produce the Android app “Buy No Evil”.

These pathological Israeli extremists know that the Arabs want to kill them. Instead of blaming the Arab murderers, the Palestinian’s culture of hatred and their school system which promotes suicide bombers and glorifies martyrdom in order to murder as many Jews as possible, they actually blame themselves! It’s not they argue, the fact that we are Jews that they hate us but because we occupy their land!

It’s the same psychological sickness as a victim of abuse. Instead of blaming the abuser, the child/spouse blames themselves. It is now their fault that they are being abused and they convince themselves that it is within their power to stop the abuse by correcting their own actions! In this way, the victim deludes themselves into thinking that the solution lies within them because now they can control the situation.

Here’s a video “Why Islam hates the Liberals the most”. It is a brilliant analysis of America’s view of the Arab/Israel conflict.

Particularly, please check out the conversation at 2:30 minutes.

As the video says, it is a “childish narcissism” of American and European Liberals and these "Buy No Evil" Israelis which is actually encouraging terrorism and will cause more Jewish blood to be spilled.

May Hashem protect us from all our enemies.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A visit to Har Odem winery in Moshav Odem in teh Golan Heights

I have a new winery review on my Review blog.

Read and enjoy the BBQ fresh salmon...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Your enemy’s enemy is your friend?

I came across this YouTube video about the rise in Anti-Semitism in the UK.

After relating a number of cases where Jews had suffered attacks at the hands of Muslims it then tells us that Jews have actually started to leave Britain because of the surge in these attacks by Muslims.

It then made my jaw drop.

The video continues that if we want to reverse this trend and “stop the anti-Semitic madness” then we needed to vote BNP!
I’m puzzled. Are the BNP saying that their attempts at throwing the Jews out of Britain in the 1970s were misguided and in fact British fascists should now love and protect British Jews? Can you imagine? The British fascist skinheads standing shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish community!  Men with Swastika tattoos standing outside London shuls, guarding the Jews from attacks?

Flag of St George alongside the Israeli Flag
at a counter demonstation against Anti Israel demonstrations in London 2010

Vote for the fascist British National Party to protect Britain’s Jews?
Your enemy’s enemy is your friend?
I don’t think so!
If it’s come to this dear Anglo Jewry, isn't it time you came home to Israel?

Yes! We play cricket in Israel as well.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Telegraph kind of apologises for earlier Dog Stoning Report

Kol HaKavod to the Telegraph for (as I stated in an earlier post) removing the original “Rabbis sentenced dog to death” story and now today, for printing a correction.

The only criticism I would make is regarding the headline.

The term “Strongly Denied” is not correct seeing as the Israeli newspapers that originally published this work of fiction have now admitted that the story was a pack of lies and issued an unreserved apology for what amounts to a blood libel. The BBC and Telegraph would not have dared publish this lie had they not already been given immunity from accusations of anti-Semitism by the anti-religious Israeli press who printed it first.

Instead the headline should have read "Israel Do Stoning Report turns out to be false" or something similer.
The Telegraph quotes the Beis Din in Yerushalayim (The Jerusalem Rabbical court) as saying:

A court statement said: "There is no basis for stoning dogs or any other animal in the Jewish religion, not since the days of the Temple or Abraham.

“The female dog found a seat in the corner of the court. And the children were delighted by it; there were hundreds outside the court. They are used to seeing stray cats but most have never seen a dog before. The only action we took was to dial the number of the Jerusalem Municipality to get the people in charge to take it away.

“There was no talk of reincarnation, a lawyer has never been mentioned, either now or 20 years ago, and there was no stoning. Such inventions are a kind of blood libel, and we wonder why the inventor of the story did not continue to describe how we collected the blood of the dog to make our matzah.”

Monday, June 20, 2011

YNET and Maariv newspapers give honour to the memory of Der Stürmer

I’ve written in the past on my blog about how the secular press in Israel never let a week go by without printing articles full of hatred towards religious Jews, which had they been printed in any gentile paper would be considered anti-Semitic.
Well with this article, the Israeli mainstream press has reached a new low. It was first published in Maariv and YNET and was so good that it was picked up by the World Press as too good a story to be passed by. Of course, the world press had been given a free pass to print this hate fest against religious Jews because their source was the Israeli media and everyone knows that Israeli secular Jews cannot be anti-Semitic can they? The Israeli Press have excelled themselves this time.

Notice the sidebar link to another wonderful article entitled “Why the Rabbis Are Hated”. Don’t YNET realise that they’re reinventing the wheel? This type of incitement to hatred has already been published in the last century by the National Socialist Party in Germany as well as other Nazi Organisations around the world. I’m sure YNET can save themselves a lot of money by simply translating into Ivrit some of Der Stürmer’s most juiciest articles about big nosed evil Rabbis and Orthodox Jews.

The BBC, TIME Magazine, The Daily Telegraph amongst others all republished this story, taken from the English version of YNET.

Well it turns out that this article was not just a distortion of facts, the story was actually a pack of lies from beginning to end, a piece of fanciful invention, a secular fantasy penned by the Israeli reporter. The reporter would have made any Der Sturmer Propaganda writer proud. Kol HaKavod! You will go far in Israeli journalism.
Maariv later published an apology but of course the damage has already been done and the fire of Anti-Semitism has been fanned throughout the world by these self-hating Israelis.
There is however no sign of a correction, let alone an apology from YNET as yet.
The BBC also published a correction and The Telegraph had the decency to be shamed into removing the page from its site altogether after the whole story was found to be a lie.

The Whisky Boycott. More thoughts.

Chivas Regal. Israeli's favourite
Duty Free Whisky
I had an interesting conversation about the Whisky Boycott on Shabbos with a Rav who lives in my local area. (He incidentally enjoys a large Glen Fiddich on occasions).

He made some good points I felt. I had expressed my view that I wasn’t convinced that the distilleries should be boycotted just because they were situated within authourity of anti-Semitic councils, especially being that many of them were doing so much to obtain kashrus certificates and some even had commercial interests with Israel (buying Israeli kosher wine casks), thus implying that they were not pursuing anti-Semitic or Anti-Israel policies themselves. Perhaps we would actually lose any friends we might have in Scotland by boycotting their whisky.

He counted this by asking me how I proposed to make the councils change their policies without hitting them where it hurts the most, that is, in the pocket. He asked me if Scotland produced anything else of significance besides whisky that we could boycott. If the distilleries begin to feel the loss of sales then they will put pressure on the councils to reverse their immoral policies. However, he went on to say that he didn’t see any point in boycotting Single Malts as they were too expensive for most drinkers which meant that the market was too small to make any noticeable impact. (I’m not sure he is correct here). He suggested that the boycott be on all blended Scotch whisky and not exclusively on whiskies in the council’s area but to all Scottish blended whisky. (From my experience, most Israelis, for reasons that escape me, buy Chivers Regal). This he said would express in the strongest terms, our view on the Scottish boycott of Israel.
Scotch Blends

I then made a rather flippant comment to the effect that I might well subscribe to his suggestion being that I could still be able to enjoy my Single Malts. I immediately angered an elderly gentleman who said that I sounded like those American Jews in the 1930s who refused to join the German boycott due to their love of German products. He told me that had the German boycott been effective then this would have probably changed the whole course of history.

What do you think?