Sunday, June 26, 2011

Your enemy’s enemy is your friend?

I came across this YouTube video about the rise in Anti-Semitism in the UK.

After relating a number of cases where Jews had suffered attacks at the hands of Muslims it then tells us that Jews have actually started to leave Britain because of the surge in these attacks by Muslims.

It then made my jaw drop.

The video continues that if we want to reverse this trend and “stop the anti-Semitic madness” then we needed to vote BNP!
I’m puzzled. Are the BNP saying that their attempts at throwing the Jews out of Britain in the 1970s were misguided and in fact British fascists should now love and protect British Jews? Can you imagine? The British fascist skinheads standing shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish community!  Men with Swastika tattoos standing outside London shuls, guarding the Jews from attacks?

Flag of St George alongside the Israeli Flag
at a counter demonstation against Anti Israel demonstrations in London 2010

Vote for the fascist British National Party to protect Britain’s Jews?
Your enemy’s enemy is your friend?
I don’t think so!
If it’s come to this dear Anglo Jewry, isn't it time you came home to Israel?

Yes! We play cricket in Israel as well.

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