Monday, June 20, 2011

YNET and Maariv newspapers give honour to the memory of Der Stürmer

I’ve written in the past on my blog about how the secular press in Israel never let a week go by without printing articles full of hatred towards religious Jews, which had they been printed in any gentile paper would be considered anti-Semitic.
Well with this article, the Israeli mainstream press has reached a new low. It was first published in Maariv and YNET and was so good that it was picked up by the World Press as too good a story to be passed by. Of course, the world press had been given a free pass to print this hate fest against religious Jews because their source was the Israeli media and everyone knows that Israeli secular Jews cannot be anti-Semitic can they? The Israeli Press have excelled themselves this time.

Notice the sidebar link to another wonderful article entitled “Why the Rabbis Are Hated”. Don’t YNET realise that they’re reinventing the wheel? This type of incitement to hatred has already been published in the last century by the National Socialist Party in Germany as well as other Nazi Organisations around the world. I’m sure YNET can save themselves a lot of money by simply translating into Ivrit some of Der Stürmer’s most juiciest articles about big nosed evil Rabbis and Orthodox Jews.

The BBC, TIME Magazine, The Daily Telegraph amongst others all republished this story, taken from the English version of YNET.

Well it turns out that this article was not just a distortion of facts, the story was actually a pack of lies from beginning to end, a piece of fanciful invention, a secular fantasy penned by the Israeli reporter. The reporter would have made any Der Sturmer Propaganda writer proud. Kol HaKavod! You will go far in Israeli journalism.
Maariv later published an apology but of course the damage has already been done and the fire of Anti-Semitism has been fanned throughout the world by these self-hating Israelis.
There is however no sign of a correction, let alone an apology from YNET as yet.
The BBC also published a correction and The Telegraph had the decency to be shamed into removing the page from its site altogether after the whole story was found to be a lie.

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YNET and Maariv give honour to the memory of Der Sturmer