Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Israeli Android phone App which will lead to the murder of Jews, chas veshalom!

Here are two “Blue and White” Israeli Android phone apps which I will not be buying. It will become clear to you, dear readers why I have chosen my main Blog to write about these apps and not my Review blog very soon.

The first Android App, written by an Israeli by the name of Nir Yaniv claims to do nothing. For $ 1 (NIS 3.41) you can download his app from the Android Market and it will do absolutely nothing.

But that’s not all. It’s quite common to find Android apps in two versions. The “Lite” version and the “Pro” version which costs more money obviously, offering more options etc. Well Nir has also produced the Nothing Pro version for $ 9 (NIS 31). He claims that the app also does nothing but uses less CPU and memory doing it! Amazingly, people have bought his apps. I cannot call it a scam because this guy quite clearly states that you are paying for nothing!

I contemplated writing to him asking Nir to add at least a Language option so that you could switch his app into Hebrew/French/Spanish etc., to show “Nothing” in your own language but then it would actually be doing something wouldn’t it!

Now for a far more sinister Android App. A syndicate of Israeli iPhone and Android developers being hosted under various names like “Happy App” (such a cute and cuddly name) and “Activismos” but all registered to one Meital Sharon, have produced an app called “Buy No Evil”.

This app purports to give you an up to date database of all products made in Judea, Shomrom and the Golan so that you can boycott them. It claims that the developers are not falling foul of Israel’s new anti-boycott law because they claim that the app simply informs people who wish to boycott Israeli products and does not actually promote the boycott. It’s like having an App that teaches terrorists how to make bombs and the best place to blow them up and then claiming that it doesn’t in fact promote terrorism!

The app says “Israeli settlements are an obstacle to peace, Consumer awareness can stop it..” Install and donate.

There is a link to the developer’s website. This takes you to a site called That’s when you see the bloodied hand for the first time.

This site leads you to a Blog/News site called with more hands shown prominently on every page.

(Incidentally, going to the parent site, I see it hosts a collection of ultra-left-wing Israeli bloggers who write, amongst other things that Israel has no right to exist, that the Balfour Declaration is invalid as it was written by Imperialist Britain and anything decided by Imperialism is today null and void. Their position is that the only thing that really matters is the rights of the indigenous inhabitants of the land which they say are the Palestinian people who they believe have been living in a country called Palestine since the year dot! Fewwww!)

The site claims that its purpose is:

אנו נשתדל להפוך לארכיון כתבות שיתעדו את התדרדרותה המהירה של ישראל, ממצב זכויות האדם בשטחים ועד לאלימות המשטרתית בישראל עצמה, אנחנו נתעד.

A rough translations being:

"We will try and record articles to document the rapid decline of Israel, the human rights situation in the territories and Israel itself, police violence, we’ll keep a record [of everything]."

The understanding I get from reading their site (in Hebrew) is that these Israelis are complaining that the “occupation” of (as they see it) Arab owned lands is destroying Israeli democracy and the only way to save Israel is to give the Arabs all the land. The obvious problem with this is that these Israeli idiots probably believe that this means all the land acquired since the Six Day War in 1967. What they don’t or won’t understand is that the Arabs demand all the land including their precious Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. The Arabs scream from every roof top, at every demonstration all over the world “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free!” In other words, the total destruction of Israel.

Pay special attention to the video at 5:24 when the narrator explains what this common chant, shouted out at demonstations all over the world, actually means.

The Israeli developers of “Buy No Evil” also have an English site which was translated by volunteers.

It is interesting how this site translates the original Hebrew site. The same sentence quoted above in Hebrew, now in English:

“We will try to become an archive of news stories which document the swift collapse of Israel, from human rights in the Occupied Territories to police violence inside Israel-proper, we will be documenting them all.”

Is it just me or do we see a subtle change in objectives here on the English site? They have translated the word “decline” as “collapse” so that the goal now reads “the swift collapse of Israel”. This implies that their goal is chronicling not the perceived “decline” of Israeli democracy but the destruction of the State of Israel itself!

Of cause, those red hands are everywhere, on every page.

What is their significance?

Cast your mind back to 12/10/2000

The video shows the sanitized version of what happened when two Israeli reserve soldiers got lost and wandered into Ramallah. They were taken to the police station and a mob, including many children, rushed in and murdered the two soldiers, mutilating their body remains, throwing them out the window, tearing out their organs and parading them through the streets to the cheers of everyone. The most famous snapshot of all was one of the murderers sticking his bloodied hands out of the window and cheering.

This animalistic scene has been memorialized and celebrated at children’s school dramas and plays and graduation ceremonies throughout the Gaza and Palestinian territories.

The bloody hands of Ramallah are also prominently displayed with pride at Anti-Israel demonstrations all over the world.

These bloodied hands have come to symbolize the Palestinian’s ultimate goal, that is to destroy Israel and murder every single Jew. That includes the same idiots who produce the Android app “Buy No Evil”.

These pathological Israeli extremists know that the Arabs want to kill them. Instead of blaming the Arab murderers, the Palestinian’s culture of hatred and their school system which promotes suicide bombers and glorifies martyrdom in order to murder as many Jews as possible, they actually blame themselves! It’s not they argue, the fact that we are Jews that they hate us but because we occupy their land!

It’s the same psychological sickness as a victim of abuse. Instead of blaming the abuser, the child/spouse blames themselves. It is now their fault that they are being abused and they convince themselves that it is within their power to stop the abuse by correcting their own actions! In this way, the victim deludes themselves into thinking that the solution lies within them because now they can control the situation.

Here’s a video “Why Islam hates the Liberals the most”. It is a brilliant analysis of America’s view of the Arab/Israel conflict.

Particularly, please check out the conversation at 2:30 minutes.

As the video says, it is a “childish narcissism” of American and European Liberals and these "Buy No Evil" Israelis which is actually encouraging terrorism and will cause more Jewish blood to be spilled.

May Hashem protect us from all our enemies.


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An Android phone app which will lead to the murder of Jews, chas veShalom.

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