Sunday, December 5, 2010

JP – Get your priorities right!

On Friday morning I, like hundreds of thousands of other Israelis, was going online to read the latest news from the North about Israel's worst fire in history. My first stop was to The Jerusalem Post. Upon loading up the main page I clicked on the "Breaking News" link in order to get the most up to date information where upon I was met by this full page advertisement banner.

There was no Exit button or any other mechanism I could find to remove the banner. There it stayed for about 15 secs or so before the banner finally magically evaporated. I clicked on another page only to be blocked by the same banner. I tried minimizing the intrusive JPost toolbar but it did not remove the banner.

This kind of intrusive advertising is annoying at the best of times but in a time of national crisis, to actually totally block the ability to read news in order to get a bit of revenue and with no quick Exit option so the reader has to sit there and wait for the banner to disappear, I consider highly immoral.

I left the JPOST and moved onto YNET and Arutz 7.

JP – Get your priorities right!

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Bouncer said...

The Jerusalem post ceased to be a serious print newspaper during the late eighties. Haaretz remains the only Israeli non-tabloid / 'highbrow' paper, regardless of whatever ones' political leaning might be.

Ynet is an exellent source of up-to-date information, relatively untainted by political bias.