Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The War for the minds of Anglo Jewry.

The Commentator site has an excellent article which I think is a must read for everyone who wants to put some essential facts in their pockets when coming face to face with a so called “Pro-Palestinian” person in Britain.
The photo accompanying the article is extremely apt seeing that the girl holding the ridiculous piece of paper looks so Jewish. Sadly, the person in Britain who you most likely will come face to face with, when you will need these facts, comes from the secular Anglo Jewish community. I’m afraid years of British media bias and university brain washing have taken its toll on today’s Anglo-Jewish community and it’s quite common, even in your average [Orthodox] United Synagogue, to hear talk of “Palestinian Rights” which is only a euphemism for Anti-Zionism. Just read the article, he explains the concept far better than I could.

The London Evening Standard is the only daily evening paper published in London and is read by millions of Londoners (including many thousands of Jews). In fact, one copy is read by two or three people as there is a tradition amongst London commuters on the Underground, on their way home to the suburbs, to leave their already read copy on the seat of the tube carriage when they leave, for someone else to pick up.

Whilst in London last week, I picked up one such copy to read the following article which I subsequently found on the paper’s Internet site.
This staggeringly spectacularly one sided article makes not the slightest attempt at even appearing balanced to the casual reader. It would seem from the article that the Israeli judge reached his verdict without any evidence at all. Indeed the article tells us that the judge was instructed by the Israeli government to cover up the “obvious” Israeli army’s guilt. This is anti-Israel propaganda at its most crude. The article quotes exclusively from interviews with Corrie’s lawyer and members of the terrorist linked movement ISM. In fact, had the ISM been asked to write an account of the court decision themselves, it is doubtful that they could have done a better job?

I'll mention just some of the evidence that any media report on the verdict should have mentioned. On this particular occasion the so called “Peace Activist” was there trying to prevent the IDF from destroying houses containing tunnels used to smuggle weapons. On other occasions ISM members have been used as human shields to allow Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists to fire at Israeli soldiers whilst preventing the IDF from firing back. However, their most sinister activities are assisting terrorist snipers in murdering Israeli soldiers by standing in open ground and trying to lure soldiers to come and arrest them, at which point the soldiers are picked off. Trying to get someone murdered is not a peaceful activity!
No mention was given to the facts that came out in court that after examining film taken at the scene, so called eye witnesses weren’t actually there at the time and that widely publicised photos “proving” that Corrie had been intentionally crushed were shown to have beeen Photoshopped by ISM activists. The photos were debunked years ago as complete fabrications yet continued to be used by Western media even after the court case. Sloppy lazy journalism or intentional lies?
See blog post here by Daled Amos:
BBC Today Uses Photoshopped Pictures of Rachel Corrie Debunked in 2006

BBC using photoshopped picture
No mention that footage taken at the scene clearly shows that Corrie was crouched down behind a mound of rubble.
Is it any wonder that the average secular Jew living in Britain today would be anti-Israel or even if still pro-Israel, would be racked with shame and make sure they kept their mouths shut whilst at work or at college?

For those British Jews who stubbornly hold on to pro-Israel views, there is an article dedicated to them in The Independent newspaper. has a report about this insidious piece of Nazi style propaganda so I suggest you read that as well.
The HonestReporting article is here.

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