Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tongue in cheek causes egg on face by putting foot in mouth, gets the boot

See article on Ynet,7340,L-3848434,00.html

Baroness Jenny Tonge has crossed the thin line of acceptable criticism of Israel and into pure and simple anti-Semitism many times before. It seems that even the Liberal democrats have some moral standards left or perhaps it’s simply a case of being embarrassed by this hateful nasty woman's outrageous comments once too many times, that she has finally been fired.

I am not being cynical without due justification. The Liberal Democrat Leader, Mr Nick Clegg, while giving Tonge the boot, insisted that he did not believe her to be anti-Semitic or racist! Was he being tongue in cheek? I think not. The only other explanation therefore must be that she simply embarrassed the party too much. A case of Tonge putting foot in mouth causing egg on face too many times.

''Following discussions with the Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, Lord McNally, I have decided that Jenny Tonge will stand down as Liberal Democrat health spokesperson in the Lords following her unacceptable comments suggesting an inquiry into highly offensive allegations against the IDF humanitarian operation in Haiti,'' Mr Clegg said.

''The comments were wrong, distasteful and provocative and I recognise the deep and understandable distress they have caused to the Jewish community.

''While I do not believe that Jenny Tonge is anti-semitic or racist, I regard her comments as wholly unacceptable. Jenny Tonge apologises unreservedly for the offence she has caused.''...

As far as the Israeli Haiti Rescue Team is concerned; after being accused by Tonge's forked tongue of organ stealing and getting the boot, the shoe is now on the other foot. I suppose she will claim that there was in fact proof of body parts stealing but that Israel has since got rid of the evidence. A clear case of not wanting to speak to the accused organ grinder and being all too willing to listen to the monkey if you ask me.

Still now, after her booting, rather than getting cold feet, she will be free to express her anti-Semitism fully, having been kicked back upstairs to the House of Lords.

I am waiting for the demands for a  House of Lords inquiry as to whether the human ears that we Jews use to make our Purim Chumantashen came from Iran, the traditional export country, or from Haiti? I must admit that this year's chocolate flavoured brown "oznei Haman" ("Haman's ear" as we call them in Israel) found in the shops do look rather suspicious!

Iranian or Haitian ears?

It would finally show the justification for the world's (read British) outrage against Israel, especially after last year's scandal where imported Xtian baby blood from Scandinavia, used to bake the matzos for Pesach broke EU's food and additives standards regulations.

There has only been one other scandel to my memory, even remotely similer and that was way back in 1969 involving real crunchy frogs. See here for old news real on YouTube.

"My name is Superintendent Parrot and I are from the hygiene squad.We want to have a word with you about your box of chocolates entitled the Whizzo Quality Assortment..."


Brenda of London said...

V.good article,My only comment is that the blood libel could be taken seriously by anti semites.It maybe needs extra rebuttle to it.

Reb Mordechai said...

You really think so?

Only someone really evil or really stupid would believe in the blood libels against Jews. A disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating that I was really joking would have no effect on either type, whether evil or stupid.

Anonymous said...

The Cumudgenly Israeli Giyoret says:

This is the tanks we get for providing the Arab citizens of the PA, to whom we have no responsibility, along with the Israeli Arabs (for whom we do have responsiility) top-notch medical care including even transplants.

But as we were taught in grammar school, one does the right thing not because one will get credit for it.

Reb Mordechai said...

Thanks for your comment.

Isn't the word spelt Curmudgeonly or have I missed some joke?

It's a Northen England term is it not?

You know, "oop ther they have a different sence o' humour ih!"

Anonymous said...

The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret writes:

You are correct about the spelling; I worked last night and I'm a little groggy. I don't know if curmudgeonlniness is more common in the north of England than elsewhere; it was one of those vocabulary-building words we had to learn in 6th grade.

Reb Mordechai said...

Welcome to my blog Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret and I hope you leave less grumpy than you came.

Hope you enjoy the site and please fill free to comment on any page.