Thursday, May 13, 2010

One big mouthed "Zionist" Arab terrorist Hitler Lover

David Horowitz was speaking at the University of California (UCSD), bastion of liberalism and freedom, a few days ago. After giving a speech on the dangers of Arab terrorism, a large mouthed Arab woman stood up and pretended to ask a question while actually making a speech. You could tell where this was going when she started to mention the Hitler Youth. David asks her repeatedly if she will condemn terrorism. She tries to dodge the question. He then asks her a very simple and chilling question. Her answer shows that she is a big "Zionist" because she'd love for all Jews to come and live in Israel…so that…(just watch it!)

That American, Canadian and British universities do nothing about their students who possess ideologies of pure evil shows that the lessons of the Second World War have been totally lost. Those who tolerate or turn a blind eye to such haters are themselves evil.

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