Thursday, July 8, 2010

Londoners bombarded by Islamic propaganda advertising campaign

In June, 2010, Londoners were bombarded by a propaganda advertising campaign in which very civilised looking Muslims were quoted as saying:
I believe in social justice. So did Muhammad.”
“I believe in women’s rights. So did Muhammad.”
“I believe in protecting the environment. So did Muhammad.”

The ads were placed on the London Underground, London bus stops, plasted all over London Cabs (taxis) and published in various London magazines.

A spokesperson for the campaign, an organiser from the "Exploring Islam Foundation", made the following statement.

"The campaign aims to highlight the Prophet Mohamed’s teachings to Muslims on the importance of the environment, gender equality and social justice".

The lack of response from British media is truly breathtaking. Where was the outrage from British Feminist organisations?

Doing a Google of the MSM (Main Stream Media) I managed to find a single opinion piece in the Telegraph from June 8th 2010 by Douglas Murray entitled "Mohammed believed in women's rights, says poster campaign. Oh, really?"

In it he said

"The site is well worth a visit. Its “Who was Muhammad?” section is particularly delicious. There are sections on Mohammed “the orphan”, Mohammed “the shepherd” and Mohammed “the husband”. There are, sadly, no sections on Mohammed “the war criminal” or Mohammed “the close friend of a little girl”.

I also did a Google for "Mohammad campaign" and "British advertising standards authority" and found nothing! Not a sausage!

Let's just look at some of BASA's code standards.

The Codes contain wide-ranging rules designed to ensure that advertising does not mislead, harm or offend.

Code 2.1 All marketing communications should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.

Code 6.1 Marketers should not exploit the credulity, lack of knowledge or inexperience of consumers.

Code 7.1 No marketing communication should mislead, or be likely to mislead, by inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration, omission or otherwise.

Code 7.2 Marketing communications must not omit, hide or provide in an unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or untimely manner material information if that omission or presentation is likely to affect consumers’ decisions about whether and how to buy the advertised product, unless the information is obvious from the context. If the advertisement is limited by time or space, the ASA will take into account steps that the advertiser has taken to make that information available to consumers by other means.

The evidence that this ad campaign breaks every one of BASA's codes is overwhelming.

Islam condones:

  • Child brides
  • Wife beatings
  • Stoning to death
  • Honour killings (murder)
  • and in some Islamic countries - female circumcision to remove the clitoris
Just a quick search brought this little lot up:

CNN – Woman sentenced to be stoned to death.

The woman confessed to adultery after beating of 99 lashes in front of son.

Wife Beating in Islam – Men have authority over women

Wife beating in Islam – Only a rod will help

Highlights from this enlightening Islamic "shiur":

We should not be ashamed before the nations of the world (who are still in their days of ignorance) to admit that these beatings are part of [Islamic] religious law.

We must remind the ignorant from among the Islamic nation who follow the West that those Westerners acknowledge the wondrous nature of this verse:

There are three types of women with whom life is impossible without beatings.

The Koran says "and beat them", This is a wondrous nature.

There are three types of women with whom a man cannot live unless he carries a rod on his shoulder.

The first type is a woman who was brought up this way. (Her Parents beat her). Her husband will only get along with her if he practices wife beatings.

The second type is a woman who is condescending towards her husband and ignores him. With her too, only a rod will help.

The third type is a twisted woman who will not obey her husband unless he oppresses her, beats her, uses force against her and overpowers her with his voice.

A Lebanese woman speaks out against wife beatings in Islam

Some highlights to this video:

"A western woman has her own personality and is aware of her basic rights…in our case, a neighbour cannot phone the police and the police cannot be involved.

I have a neighbour whose husband beat her during her third month of pregnancy. He beat her and locked her inside the house. She called her father, who came to open the door. Her father called the police, who came and prevented him from opening the door claiming it was against the law. The women began to throw her clothes, jewellery and belongings from the balcony. Pleading with her father while the police were standing below and would do nothing to help her. But in the West there are a million organisations that can support the women but in Arab societies there is no one…the woman is totally isolated. She has no other weapon except her shouting and crying."

Wife Beating in Islam – More rules

Highlights to this Isamic "shiur":

"Women in some cultures are not averse to wife beatings. They consider it an expression of masculinity and a kind of control which she herself desires.

We (Islam) must follow reason. I got a question from Canada. The man said "Here it is a crime to beat a wife, even with a toothbrush. Is this prohibition acceptable in Islam?" I say Yes! Islam accepts the beating of Canadian wives, in this culture and ambience...from childhood they are taught that beating women is a type of barbarism, savagery, and so on….but when Allah permitted wife-beating…considers it as one of the means to preserve the family and as one of the means to preserve stability."

Wife beatings are indispensable

Highlightes from this Islamic "shiur":

"With regards to beating [in Islamic law], The husband is not in a karate club or in a boxing club with his wife…the beatings must not cause broken bones, bleeding, or cuts and must not leave marks. It is light beating, which makes the wife feel the extent of the anger or sorrow of this man's heart.

Some say that this beating is uncivilised. I say to them that since it is written in the Koran, beware of defying what appears in the Koran. Beatings are indispensable."

A few weeks ago, Blogs began a Photoshop contest to show their abhorrence to this ad campaign by superimposing the ad's slogans onto photos showing Islamic abuse.

Example blog here:

I've reproduced some of the Photoshopped posters:

Now my attempt. Five minutes work in MsPaint...

People of Britain. Will you ever wake up?


Schultz said...

How ignorant and disrespectful...

Reb Mordechai said...

Who is?


It is forbidden to give evil and avoda zara any respect.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making making your own posters showing the real version of Islamic Values. I can't believe the West still believes the propaganda that Islam is a religion of peace. It is completely untrue of course.