Monday, July 26, 2010

YNET, quite simply anti-Semitic

YNET's English online news site has an appalling level of English. There is no shortage of native English speaking journalists in this country so it is truly baffling why YNET uses Hebrew speakers to translate and write many of their articles. The pigeon English, literal translations that make no sense and basic grammatical errors are always a source of great amusement.

One article I did not find amusing however was this:

"YNET presents unofficial guide to typical haredi wedding, from engagement to Seven Blessings"

OK, so the headline was funny. YNET want learn more English me say!

However, reading the article takes the smile off your face. YNET never fails to publish an anti-religious article each and every week. Some weeks more. This piece though reaches new depths of hatred. It is quite simply anti-Semitic.

It seems the readers think so as well. Out of 21 talkbacks published on the page so far, all 21 criticise the article, (I use the word very loosely).

A sample:

Nasty Nasty
From Israeli, Israel

Hatred never helped anyone. Shame on you Ynet for increasing the hatred of your fellow Jews.

I got one thing to say….
From Talula, Israel

I was at a Haredi wedding in an ultra religious neighbourhood (oh yes I was!) and I have to say, I do admire them for their spirit - there was not one drop of alcohol anywhere - but everyone was in such high spirits and danced like they were drunk from happiness - I thought it was wonderful.

Simply anti-semitic
From Shlomo Silverstein, MA, Israel

Thank you Talula for your honest comment. This article on the other hand is full of disgusting lies and hatred for Jews. I've printed this piece of filth out to show to the next person who tells me that they don't believe that Jews can write anti-Semitic articles.

Pure hate
From Jonathan, Israel

quite sickening - you call this journalism?

Haredi Wedding
From Voice of Reason, Here & Now,

Slow day at YNET. Only 3 children murdered by their Dad. Only 1 Jewish home destroyed by Government. What to do? Who can YNET attack? Hey have we done a Haredi wedding planner yet? Wow what a great idea. What a low class rag YNET really is.

What a stupid article…
From Wise Saba

suggest you attend some haredi weddings & report what really happens. This article spews pure hatred for our fellow Jewish brothers & sisters. Shame on Y Net for publishing this garbage. BTW now publish an article bashing chiloni weddings & all the sexual relations before the wedding.

I am a Charedi wedding photographer
From Daniel, Jerusalem

I have been photographing Charedi weddings for over 15 years. This article is pure filth! It looks like it was written by an ignorant child. Have you no respect ynet to publish filth like this. If you want a real article about the purity and holiness of a Charedi wedding, I would be happy to write one. This article has nothing to do do with the truth and you should be ashamed for publishing it.

I am secular and I find this article disgusting, insulting...
From ari,

and full of vile. You are a pathetic excuse for a news agency and the author a pathetic excuse for a journalist. No wonder the Jewish nation is at the verge of collapse.

I must admit,
From Karen, Rehovot

…as an Ultra secular person, even I found this so called satirical article an insult to my Haridi sisters and brothers. ( speaking relatively of course)

Why does YNET publish things like this? Is this what passes as humour amongst the Israeli journalists or is there an actual agenda to incite hatred for religious Jews?

One last point on the last sentence of the article:

"Each wedding spawns a new Israeli family and with it a new mother-in-all, which can be the subject of several columns"

What's a "mother-in-all"? Perhaps the author's handheld translator is running low on batteries?

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