Tuesday, January 4, 2011

British Consulate-General Jerusalem, home of Chamas Terrorist Cell

Ever since I made Aliyah in the late 1980s I have been going to the British Consulate General in Jerusalem whenever I had to register the birth of a child, renew my passport or deal with any other British government business. As far as I could tell, everyone working there, at least in the main office were all Arabs, including the security guards. Despite receiving filthy looks because of my obvious religious Jewish apearence, they always dealt with my requests courteously and efficiently. And why shouldn't I go there? I'm a British citizen and live some 15 mins drive from the Consulate.

All this changed a few years ago when turning up at the Consulate one day, they refused to let me into the building even when showing the guard my British passport.

Their policy now seems to be that they will give service to everyone (including Israeli Arabs) except Jews! Jews have to go to Tel Aviv to receive British Consulate service.

The British Consulate, Jerusalem’s Internet site clearly shows that they consider Jerusalem "Palestinian" with no mention that Jerusalem is actually not only part of but the capital of the State of Israel.

British Consulate Jerusalem Homepage:

The Consulate's Internet site's main article is about how Britain lectured Israel that the settlements are the main obstacle to peace.

Perhaps someone could tell the British Foreign Office that it's actually Arab terrorism, support by Western governments for the Palestinian Authority/Chamas who terrorise their own people and the lack of democracy within the Middle East which is the real obstacle to peace!

Now The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the British Consulate in Jerusalem is actually the home base for a Chamas Terrorist cell which amongst other things, planned to blow up Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem.

British Civil Servants / Chamas Terrorists
One paragraph in the article was somewhat puzzling:

"The Consulate-General plays an important political role in Israel and would be considered a major terrorist target, in common with diplomatic posts elsewhere in the Middle East. However, the authorities have said the men’s arrests had “no connection to their work at the consulate”.

The Consulate-General in Jerusalem actually tries to play no political role in Israel as it functions as if it’s in the fictitious State of Palestine by only servicing Arabs.

Melanie Phillips has also written about this:

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British Consulate-General Jerusalem, home of Chamas Terrorist Cell

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