Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greenpeace perform pathetic stunt on the “Chords” bridge, Jerusalem

Last Sunday, 16th January 2011, I noticed everyone from my office building staring out of their windows. I went to see what all the fuss was and saw five guys who had climbed up the cables of the “Chords” bridge, at the entrance to Yerushalayim.

No one was sure if this was a demonstration of some sort or a maintenance crew hanging from the cables. The reason for the confusion was because we could not see any Police. In fact no Police turned up for around 2 hours after we first saw the climbers. There was one camera crew that was there although I suspect that it was a GreenPeace camera crew as they seemed to have been in radio contact with the climbers. One Police car turned up with two police officers. They remained in the car most of the time.
After 4 hours they started unwrapping their demonstration banner. There was a strong wind which I would imagine was even stronger up there so the going was slow. After an hour we could make out the letters. “Bibi, stop the Coal Powerstation”.

The guys at the top had samll banners in English but so great was their planning that only someone with a 10X zoom lens (like me) could actually read what they said!

This was visible for about an hour before the banner came loose and started dangling down making the banner unreadable.

A crowd of some 20 people gathered but only for a short time.  After the banner had completely fallen,  they then spent a further 4 hours up there, slowly making their way down.
It was beginning to get dark as they finally reached the bottom of the bridge. There they sat, collecting their equipment. It was difficult to see but it looked as if one of the Police officers, a woman, was speaking to them but left soon after, leaving them to tidy up.

Upon their descent, I'm sure that they paused to read the Gush Katif banners in the window of the Yerushalmi building next to them.

I suppose the officers decided that it wasn’t even worth taking these pathetic idiots in for questioning. Alternatievly, perhaps they had permission from the iriyah (local council)? As for their message; I’m sure that Bibi was impressed and took a lot of notice!

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