Thursday, May 5, 2011

Israel, Wave Your Flag video.

Here's a lovely video for Yom Ha'atzmaut from

Beautifully directed video and a really catchy song. However I do have one question.

Why did they decide to have such generic lyrics? It's a song about freedom which has no reference whatsoever to Israel or the Jewish people.

Answers on a postcard (or my comments box below).

*** UPDATE ****

Excuse my ignorance. I had no idea that this song was the official FIFA Football World Cup 2010 (held in South Africa) anthem which Aish borrowed and used in their video.

See here:

FIFA World Cup 2010 K'naan & David Bisbal - Waving Flag


Ann said...

My question exactly - no connection to Israel, zionism, Yom Ha'atzmaut or anything vageuly Jewish.
Catchy tune -but the lyrics .......

C'mon Aish you can do much better

Reb Mordechai said...

See update to this blog. The song was "borrowed" from the Football World Cup 2010.