Monday, May 16, 2011

The Telegraph's Adrian Blomfield is openly Anti-Israel

The Telegraph Online published an article this morning about the Arab riots on what the Arabs call Nakba Day (Day of catastrophe).

The article’s headline made it quite clear where the reporter’s bias lies:

"Israel attacks Palestinian border protests"

"Israel was accused of shooting dead at least 13 Palestinian refugees trying to breach its frontiers from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza on Sunday, after a Facebook campaign to storm the borders."

First of all some background:

Syria and Lebanon (under the control of Iran) ordered young men and teenagers to break through Israel’s national border fence and throw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers.

To side track for a moment. I was amused at some of the comments I heard about Aish’s Yom Ha’atzmaut video song. Some people amazingly thought that it was a cameraman going round the Midrachov in the centre of Yerushalayim randomly filming passers by in a spontaneous manner. I explained to them that in fact the brilliance of the video was that it had been so well staged and choreographed so that the cameraman could make the video in one take.

However, it isn’t just the Israelis who possess these filming skills. Before the Nakba event, the Arab government organisers informed the International Press exactly what was going to happen,(staged just like a film set with timing and position plans), so that the cameramen could obtain the best shots and video footage of these “spontaneous demonstrations of rage”.

The Telegraph’s Jerusalem based reporter is one Adrian Blomfield. Despite his Jewish sounding name his articles are consistently hostile towards Israel

There is no attempt at balanced reporting and the Telegraph editorial seems to be quite happy with this. In fact I’d say that his reporting crosses a red line into anti-Israel propaganda.

Here is Adrian talking about how Britain’s reporting of the Arab/Israeli conflict is less biased (he means more pro-Arab) because “in Britain they aren’t under the thumb of the powerful American Israel Lobby”. Funny how he completely ignores the much larger Arab Lobby and in particular, Saudi influence in Britain and Europe.

His article in today's Telegraph clearly asserts that peaceful (so called) "Palestinian refugees" crossed the border to demonstrate in Israel and were met by lethal fire from Israel, killing at least 13.

He writes:

"But a Druze witnesses said the protesters were peaceful.

"The people came in a peaceful way, they had no weapons," said Taiseer Maray, who runs a medical charity that treated the wounded. "In a peaceful way they stated that they had waited for 60 years and wanted to go back to their homes. But the Israelis shot directly at the people, even though they posed no threat."

The problem is that Taiseer Maray is no objective bystander as Adrian wants to make out. He is in fact head of an organisation to return the Golan to Syrian rule. He is featured on Chamas and Fatach sites as an activist. However, for some reason, Adrian forgot to mention this.

Anyway, no matter, the BBC site does.

Rather than correctly describing him as head of a militant Anti-Israel movement, Adrian describes him as head of a “medical charity”. Now isn’t that nice? What could be more believable than a human rights medical charity? That is, unless it’s an Israeli organisation, in which case it will be accused of only treating the sick in order to steal their organs and sell them to the highest bidder. This Organ Trafficking accusation (blood libel) was made by amongst others, the “honourable” Baroness Jenny Tonge, who has a seat in the House of Lords.

Some ITN footage showing the "peaceful" demonstrations:

One more thing. You wouldn't know it from reading Adrian's article but there was a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv to mark this special day in the Arab (and British reporter's) calandar.

The Jerusalem Post reports today that

"Hundreds of people participated in the funeral of Aviv Morag, 29, who was killed Sunday in the truck rampage in Tel Aviv.

He was brought to rest at the Casesaria Cemetery.

A young truck driver from the Arab town of Kafr Kasim caused terrifying destruction in south Tel Aviv after ramming his truck into several vehicles on Rehov Bar-Lev, in what police suspect to be a “lonewolf terror attack” that killed Morag and injured 17 others"

Witnesses told reporters that he screamed "ala achbah" during his rampage through the street.

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