Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cleaning ovens for Pesach, made easy

Step 1: Open oven door. Get a brush and clean out all the inside of the oven.

Step 2: Close oven door.

Step 3: Cover oven with plastic and seal with brown tape. Sell with your chametz.

Step 4: Go out to Geula, the local super market or the nearest hardware store and buy a large 400 litre Toaster oven (starting from NIS 200) and a four ring gas top (starting from NIS 200). You can get two chickens in there side by side plus a tray of potatoes. You'll spend NIS 400 just once and you'll have your kasher lePesach oven and gas rings for all future Pesachs.


Anonymous said...

That was a piece of useless information.

Anonymous said...

I want to comment on my comment, for some people that is fine but for others we don't mind to do the hard work.
So when I went into the blog I expected to see how to clean my oven the easy way but instead was told to seal it up and buy something for Pesach in its place.
As it is buying food for Pesach is expensive so having to pay another 400 shekels is impossible.
Just wanted to explain why I found it useless but for others it may be fine.
Chag Kasher V'Samach