Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A New Car

A winding road up the Golan Heights.
I need a new car. I have this dream of driving a large MPV through the beautiful winding roads of the Golan Heights. My wife and children lounging on wide, armchair like seats, even wider contented smiles on their faces with the occasional “wows” as they wonder at the scenery through the MPV’s massive windows.
When I expressed this dream to my wife she, far more sensible than me remarked that we have Chol HaMoed twice a year for family trips plus the occasional family simcha where all of us would need to be in the one car. The rest of the time, some 95% of the time, I would be the sole occupant, using it to and from work. A few times a week I might have to take one of the children somewhere or perhaps pick them up from somewhere and once a week my wife and I have quality time alone together doing the Shabbos shopping at the supermarket.
That’s all true but what about those rare times when we do need to have the whole family in the car?
What are the disadvantages of purchasing an MPV?
- More expensive to buy than standard family car.
- Uses up more petrol / diesel than a standard car
- In general, MPV parts are more expensive.
- There is more wear and tear on the breaks and tyres because it’s a big vehicle.
(Points 2-4 translate into higher monthly running costs
- Higher Insurance cost.
What we want, continued my wife, is a very reliable standard family car with a large boot for shopping. She’s right of course. We ought to be looking for something like an ex-rental Toyota Corolla, Mazda 6 or Honda Civic.
Of course she is right. Of course she IS right. This is one of those times when heart and head are not talking to each other.

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