Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Pre Seder Declaration

I read this out to my children last year. I was in tears, my wife and guests were in tears. It is very powerful and I believe sets the right mood for the Seder.

(Based on the introduction in the Haggadah "Touched by the Seder" by Rav Yechiel Spero)

I know my dear children that you are so excited. You have been waiting to get your father's attention. You have been waiting to give your divrei Torah which you have prepared. You are waiting to steal the Afikoman and not get into trouble.

Tonight you can stay up late! Tonight I will try my hardest you keep your attention my precious children, with stories, games, even sweets and nuts!

It is a thrilling night where special things will happen. It is a night that you children will remember for the rest of your lives. It is a night which you will speak about when you will be fathers and grandfathers at your own Seders.

In my heart I thank Hashem for His gift of cherus, for my family around the table and the opportunity to let my children see the incredible beauty of Torah in this world. Tonight children I know that your minds and hearts are open and ready to breath in my words of Torah. May you, with Hashem's help, discover through me, who you are and what the purpose of life is.

I have to tell you that you are Hashem's special chosen children and that He will always love you, no matter what. One day soon, we will open the door for Eliyahu HaNavi and hear the sound of the Shofar and you will see my dear children – "You will see! I told you this day would come, that Hashem keeps His promises".

People will be shouting in the streets, "The Moshiach has arrived!" You will all watch with wide eyed astonishment as those who could not walk will dance, those who could not talk will sing and those who were sick will wear healthy smiles. Children who were estranged from their parents will hug their mothers and fathers who cried bitterly for them. Those who have passed on will live once more. Zeidies and Bubbies who you and I have never known will come and hug and kiss us and we will dance, sing and rejoice together. Hashem will turn our tears into tears of joy. Now, let us begin the Seder.

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