Monday, March 15, 2010

Chain email: Holocaust Remembrance Day - May 2

Just received this chain email twice this morning.

What I find distasteful about this email is the fact that the author thinks that G-d will be somehow impressed if the reader waits 20 secs until he closes the browser! Then we are informed that G-d will be even more impressed and consider it the fulfillment of some mitzvah if we send this email to all our Jewish friends in order to reach the figure of 6 million before May 2nd.

The first thing to say is that this is a chain email, just like for instance, the famous free Nokia phones offer that tells you that if you send it to 10 friends then somehow Nokia will know about this and send you a free phone. These chain emails rely on a common Internet myth that somehow, all these emails can be traced back to the sender and somehow counted. They can't! In fact, the only one who would ever know how many of these silly emails were actually forwarded to Jews who, (according to the "halacha"), also had to wait 20 secs before sending them to all their Jewish contacts (to fulfil the mitzvah according to all the deiyos no doubt), is G-d and as I have already said, I would guess that, out of all the mitzvos that Hashem has given the Jewish people to perform, this gesture would not fit under any of them.

I have a policy of never forwarding any chain emails but had the email asked us to say some Tehillim or to mention a Holocaust victim or even Jewish town in our tephilos or even to learn a single pasuk from anywhere in Tanach then I'd understand the thought behind it. However, getting people to forward this just to show to G-d that there are 6 million Jews who know how to mouse click is actually quite pathetic don't you think? I would advice not to forward this email.

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