Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pat Condell – Another False Internet Messiah

I have just received yet another email from a friend who felt it important to send to all her contacts, a link to another Pat Condell video blog where he talks with great eloquence and humour about the dangers of Islam and Anti-Semitism.

I can understand why Jews are so taken with him. Jews, fed up with the relentless anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism of the media and scared of the Islamic takeover of Europe due to Europeans straight jacketing themselves into appeasement because of Political Correctness, see Pat Condell as their saviour.

Pat Condell, the atheist messiah, speaks out against Islam, Catholicism and the sickness of PCism. However, although he doesn't come out and say it out right, he is also anti-Jewish. He often speaks out against the anti-Semitism of the Catholics and Muslims but never mentions the anti-Semitism of the Communists for instance. Many Jews view him as their knight in shining armour, lapping up and accepting without question whatever comes out of his witty mouth but they refuse to see all the danger signs that he is apposed to any national or religious rights for the Jewish People. Pat in fact hates anyone who believes in G-d and that includes Torah Jews.

At the end of a monologue against the Catholic church where he quite rightly identified the church as laying the ground work for the Shoah and accusing the Catholic Church of systematic hatred against Jews for 2,000 years, he then went on to say that without the Catholic Church, there would have been no Holocaust and therefore no State of Israel and therefore, no Middle East Conflict.

All those Jews who keep sending links to all their contacts, starry eyed at this man's eloquence to speak out against the terrorism of Islam and corruption of the Catholic Church may not have stopped to think what Pat actually said. He blames Zionism and the establishment of the State of Israel for the Middle East conflict! He would rather there would not have been a state. In his mind, the Jews should have continued living in Europe, gradually discarding their "primitive" religion and transforming into a purely cultural group totally secular freedom loving Atheists, discarding any belief in HaKodesh Baruch Hu, the revelation at Sinai, Torah, peoplehood and Jewish national identity.

It is not the first time that Jewish blogs, even religious Jewish blogs have put their faith in false Internet messiahs who appear to be the saviour of the Jews against so much Anti-Semitism in the Blogosphere and the World Wide Web in general.

The best example is that of the (in)famous Charles Johnson of the website Little Green Footballs. For years, his site was read and admired by practically the entire Jewish Internet community, including the religious because of his expose of Islamic fascism, Islamic support of terrorism and general anti-Semitism of the world's media. He wrote in glowing terms about Israel and Zionism as well. Then one day, in 2007, Charles started writing about those who oppose Darwinism and became increasingly anti-religious, not just Xtian or Muslim but against any faith in G-d at all. To him, anyone who believed in G-d and refused to accept the "scientific fact" of Darwinism was no better than a terrorist. Melanie Phillips, the Jewish and Zionist British journalist, so long a fellow soldier against Islamo Fascism, standing shoulder to shoulder with Charles, was viciously attacked by him when she wrote that Darwin theory was just that! - a Theory and like all theories, it can be argued and debated. Charles with the zealoutry of those Islamic mullahs who he so opposed, struck out against everyone who did not unquestionably believe in Darwinism.

Within weeks he started questioning the very basis of Islam being a threat to democracy, freedom of speech and human rights and accused most of the blogs that spoke out against Islamo fascism, to which he was their guru and inspiration, as being secretly in league with Nazis and Fascists.

Jews who had followed his Blog religiously on a daily basis for years, who would not form an opinion on any matter until they had read what their hero Charles had to say on the matter, refused to believe their eyes and went into denial for months when Charles made an abrupt about face.

I'm afraid that they are making the same mistake when it comes to Pat Condell. It will all end in tears, mark my words.

Ain li lismoch chutzmi Hakodesh BoruchHu veTorahto


Anonymous said...

The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

"It will end in tears"? I was mildly disappointed in Charles Johnson when he started on his anti-anti-Darwinist obsession, but not much more than that. I simply found myself going to his site less and less until I had gradually forgotten about him, until you reminded me.

Meanwhile, I found a lot of good blogs through LGF, and a lot more that I found through those, and Charles is not missed. It was nice while it lasted, but there are plenty of other fish to catch in my Web, so to speak.

Likewise, it can be loads of fun listening to Pat Condell rant, but he was always anti-religious and never pro-Israel.

On the other hand, I still check YOUR blog sporadically, Reb M. But remember, one too many false step... On the other hand, Johnson and Condell have never given us ANY whisky, and are doubtless not such good cooks as you.

There is more to life than intellectual discourse!

Reb Mordechai said...

Thanks Curmudgeonly for your comments. I loved the "plenty of other fish to catch in my Web" mixed metaphore. I dedicate the picture at the bottom of my post to you.