Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Windows 7 style gadgets for Windows XP

Many of you out there are still running Windows XP because either you (a) don't want to spend the money upgrading (b) your computer is not compatible with Windows 7 (c) you don't want the hassle of upgrading (d) other.

Still, you really like the look of Windows 7 don't you! Especially those gadgets like the clock, CPU and RAM meter and notes window.

Well, there are some nice programmers out there who have written Windows 7 gadget lookalikes for Windows XP and they are 100% free! I've been running these tools for some time now and have not detected any nasty surprises like toolbars, spyware or malware. They install flawlessly with no tricky questions. Highly recommended!

ClocX give you a beautiful looking analogue clock that sits on your desktop. You can add the option to display it "always on top" and modify its transparency effect. There are many different faces to choose from and you can modify the size of the clock to suit your taste.

Download ClocX here:

CPU and RAM Meter is a very nice RAM, CPU and UPTIME meter. It doesn't take up many resources and is actually very useful. It does lack any customization options though. I would have liked to for instance, removed the UPTIME clock or adjusted the size or colours. As they say, never look a gift horse in mouth. It does its job.

Download CPU Meter here:

Nargus DeskNote is a simple window that when not in focus, fades into the background so as not to interfere with the desktop display and when in focus shows up bright and clear so that you can jot down any kind of notes. No need to save any text. It is saved automatically. There are many customization options. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find on the Internet however and there hasn't been a new version for some time. Grab it while you still can.

Download Nargus DeskNote here:

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