Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Windows 7 Style Gadgets for Windows XP UPDATE

In April 2010 I wrote a blog post on some Windows 7 style gadgets for Windows XP I had found and recommended.

Well, last week I found another gadget style tool that has genuinely impressed me. To demonstrate how much it has impressed me I'll just tell you that I have installed it on my workstations at work as well as my computers at home already.

It's called Sysmetrix and it’s a skinnable metering application that displays the time/date, CPU, memory, Disk status, Internet activity, weather, Media Player and many other things in  a single interface. My favourite skin (incarnation) is a clock interface but there are many other skins to choose from.

It effectively takes the place of the Clock and CPU Meter I wrote about previously in one beautiful and elegant gadget tool.

Another skin example called "EyeCandy"

Within each skin, there are hundreds of customizable options within the configuration windows. I modified the basic Clock Interface to display a dial for each of my hard disk drives, not just Drive C. The tool works by overlaying one image over another to build up a complex display. Its all very clever. If, like me, you like to have an analogue clock on the screen and need to know the real-time status of your CPU, Memory and Internet then this is the tool for you. Highly recommended!

Sysmetrix can be downloaded here:

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