Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Left wing: Inspired by Arab Terrorism

Dr. Gabriel Avital. Victim

They are blinkered religious fanatical zealots who refuse to question what they have been taught despite overwhelming scientific evidence.

They ignore basic scientific methodologies in reaching their conclusions, blindly accepting the words of charismatic religious cult style gurus who sell them myths in the form of facts. They then impose their views on all Israeli children, punishing those who show dissent.

Anyone who questions any aspect of their beliefs will be hounded, persecuted, discredited and victimised. They will use all their power to remove those who do not agree with them from any positions of influence.

I am of course talking about the ultra liberal secular directors of Misrad HaChinuch, the Israel ministry of Education.

This morning, YNET announced that the Misrad HaChinuch has dismissed the much respected Israel Chief Scientist, Dr. Gabriel Avital, for questioning the Global Warming Theory and suggesting that Darwinism be scrutinised just like any other scientific theory and not just accepted as fact!

The Israel ministry is following all the PC hip and cool beautiful people such as those at the BBC who also wish to present Global Warming and Darwinist theories as facts.

Melanie Phillips has been campaigning against this in Britain for years.

Only yesterday Melanie highlighted a disgusting video produced by the Global Warming lobby which shows school children who question Global Warming in school being executed by their teacher who blows them up with explosives, splattering their body parts, blood and guts all over the other pupils in class as a warning against dissension. The produces of the advertising campaign call it humour.

The BBC quotes a spokes person for the organisation:

Lizze Gillett, Global Campaign Director for 10:10, told the BBC: "As you can see from various comments and social media sites some people thought it was funny and a good tool to get people talking about climate change but others strongly disliked the mini-movie. We decided to take it off our website to avoid upsetting people. "

In the official campaign statement, the group said: "At 10:10 we're all about trying new and creative ways of getting people to take action on climate change. Unfortunately in this instance we missed the mark. Oh well, we live and learn."

Any Israelis watching this video will not fail to associate it with near identical scenes taken from the aftermath of terrorist suicide bombs in Israeli cafes and on buses. It looks very much as if the producers got their inspiration from such scenes of carnage here in Israel.

Here is the complete video. www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhLw6py869c

In order to avoid watching the whole thing I have taken the liberty of making snapshots of the main parts to show you the storyline.

The Teacher talks about Global Warming

She asks for a show of hands, all those pupils who are willing to reduce their "carbon footprint"

One boy is sceptical 

A girl in class is unconvinced

The teacher deals with the problem... 

...by murdering both children. 

A subtle warning to the other pupils?

This is considered humour by the Global Warming Lobby.

What this horrendous video shows is that, in their heart of hearts, the ultra "Liberal" wants to exterminate all those who are against them or even question their beliefs. They have obviously been inspired by Arab terrorism.

Anyone, who did not fathom the close empathy and support of the Left wing for Fatach, Chamas and Chizbollah will I hope now comprehend the common ground which they share.


Anonymous said...

Your Orthodox Scientist friend says:

Despite the controversies ("Climategate", etc) the huge independent corroborating data sets that support the global warming hypothesis do appear to substantiate the actual position very clearly. The scientific analysis I have been following on this convinces me, anyway.

Regarding evolution "theory", it's merely a rational hypothesis to explain the diversity of living things. No other alternative physical explanations have stood up to rational and scientific scrutiny. One has to be careful not confute religious faith and creation beliefs with scientific discovery - which is based in hypothesis, observation, etc. Scientific theories always are provisional and can be overturned by new discoveries. as they often are.

However, it seems very unlikely that, except for perhaps some as yet not fully understood details relating to epigenetics, evolution through the process of natural selection will be entirely superseded by a a completely different physical explanation which is consistent with normative Judeo-Xtian creation beliefs. Of course, as Torah believers, we know that the explanation for life on earth and its diversity has nothing to do with natural selection, physics, biology, or any other rational scientific reason (but, in principle, it could have been that way if one assumes the non-existence of, or no physical/rational evidence for, an omnipotent supernatural Creator - which is the whole concept of "hester panim" - is it not?).

Therefore, I think it is logically correct and fitting for Gabriel Avital to be dismissed, because he is allowing religious belief to influence his scientific reasoning.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I cant believe those pics. Is this video designed to make us all fall in line?