Sunday, September 5, 2010

Google home page using up 100% cpu

Last Motzei Shabbat I turned my computer on and went to check my email. Opening up IE8 I noticed that CPU suddenly shot up to 100%. I waited for a minute and it did not go down. My home page is Google. I noticed on the Google logo that they had a revolving globe celebrating something of no interest to me. Checking Task Manager it confirmed that indeed the Google home page was taking up 100% cpu. I tried clicking on My Favorites (sic) in order to try another site but the browser would not respond. Eventually I managed to type a URL into the address bar and got to JPOST. The cpu immediately dropped to 5% ! I opened another TAB and voom! 100% again.

What was Google thinking of? Did no one check what this little animation was doing to millions of computers around the world? Perhaps their problem is that all the testers are using the latest Intel i7 chips with 6GB of RAM and they couldn't see any problem.

I think Google owe us an apology.

Hmm, something like this perhaps? Only a suggestion. Ashamnu, Bagadnu...
But please Google. Just a static picture. We don't want anything clever like the guy punching his chest every second. Enough of the cpu intensive animations please!

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