Sunday, September 5, 2010

Netanyahu! Stop hitting the stupid frogs!

FACT: Every time the Israeli government begin "Peace" talks with the Palestinians, Jews are murdered! A bus is blown up, a pregnant woman and her children are murdered in their car…The barbarity of these evil beings has no limit.

The latest atrocity. August 31, 2010 - Four Israelis were murdered in their vehicle in a terrorist drive-by shooting attack on Route 60 near Kiryat Arba, east of Hebron: Yitzhak Ames, 47, and his wife Talya Ames, 45, Kochava Even Chaim, 37, and Avishai Shindler, 24, all from Beit Hagai. Chamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

The car was sprayed with bullets. The terrorists came back and sprayed the car with bullets again just to make sure.

Tali and Yitchak Ames. (z"l). Their daughter is doing Sherut Leumi in my son's school

When Hakodesh Baruch Hu makes His Cheshbon, I can't help wondering how much of the responsibility for the loss of these beautiful Jewish lives will be placed upon the government of Israel. It's true that the American government put pressure on them to at least go through the motions of trying to negotiate a peace with the Palestinians but everyone knows that the Arabs have no will to reach any agreement. They are a ruthless dictatorship who takes for themselves the money given to them by the Western World, meant for their people. They keep their people in line by feeding them a constant diet of hatred towards Jews. Abass's main concern is that, having filled his people with hatred for Jews over so many years, they will reach the conclusion that the PLO are not doing enough to kill Jews and destroy Israel and will try to overthrow the current regime and replace it with Chamas. Therefore, making any agreement with Israel will be committing political (and probably actual) suicide for Abass's regime.

The Israeli government know this. Therefore I ask again, if sitting down with these murderous thugs can never lead to peace and always leads to Jews being murdered then why do they do it?

In parshas Vaeira, we learn [Shemos 8:2] that "Aharon extended his hand over the waters of Mitzrayim, and the frog emerged (vata'al HaTzefardeiah) and covered the land of Mitzrayim"

Rashi comments on the fact that the Torah says "The Frog" implying only one frog. However, there were surely millions of frogs that covered the land?

Rashi answers that indeed there was only a single frog that emerged. The Mitzrim hit that frog and it miraculously split into two. They hit the two frogs and they split into four. Eventually these frogs covered the entire land.

The obvious question that Rav Yisacher Frand asks is why didn't they stop hitting the stupid frogs? He answers with the words of The Steipler Gaon (1899-1985) who explains that when people are pressured to act they get into a panic and end up doing irrational things. Even though they know that their actions will make things worse, they cannot help themselves and act out of desperation, anger and panic.

It takes courage, a stiff upper lip you might say, to resist the bullying of the United States and say no! We cannot keep hitting the frogs! We must find another way. The No.1 job of the Israeli government is to protect Jewish lives. They keep hitting the frogs and fail in their basic duty as a government.

Netanyahu! Please stop hitting the frogs! You know where it leads.

It is chodesh Elul. The time of owning up to our failures and doing teshuva. After Alienu of our daily prayers, during this month we add an extra tehilla (psalm) – "LeDavid Hashem Ori". Every time I read the last words of this tehilla my heart aches for the Jewish victims of terrorism.

"Please do not deliver me to the wishes of my tormentors, for there have arisen against me false witnesses who breathe violence (Hebrew - CHAMAS)."

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Tehillah said...

I am also a fan of Rav Frand and love that shiur :-)

It is an excellent question, with an unfortunately sad answer: our politicians are cowards who are more interested in pleasing the goyim (and for some insane reason our enemies) than they are in following Torah and protecting their own.

And perhaps this is a tactic that Hashem is using to cause us to long more deeply for Mashiach...