Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is there a future For Jewish life in Britain?

After Caroline Glick's statement that Jews should leave Britain, Michael Coren, born in England, who is a major commentator in Canada today, says that he is very disturbed by the sharp rise in blatant Anti-Semitism in the UK.

He correctly identifies a newly found confidence of intolerance in British society of any Jew who identifies with Torah Judaism and /or a Jew who identifies with the State of Israel. British Jews, whether at school, university or work must prove themselves by being totally secular by making anti-Israel statements or else, face a mass of personal attacks, not only tolerated but encouraged by mainstream British society.

Classic Anti-Semitism

As Douglas Murray (who by the way is not Jewish) says: It would be bad enough if Jews in Britain were blamed and felt pressured to apologise for crimes that their fellow Jews in Israel were doing but the situation is even worse than that. The accusations of Israeli crimes are pure fabrications and lies.

It's a kind of an anti-Semitic double whammy!

The current situation should come as no surprise to any student of Jewish history. Whilst living in Britain I was accused on more than one occasion of murdering their "Lord". The notion that I was somehow personally responsible and had to apologise for what the Jews of the Holy Land did to their "Messiah" some 2,000 years is bad enough. What was worse is the fact that history records that it was the Romans who practiced the execution of early Xtians and that the accusations of Israelite crimes were pure fabrications and lies.

It's a kind of an anti-Semitic double whammy!

Ancient Israelites and modern Israelis. The same message.


The main point that kept cropping up in this Video interview above is that barefaced unashamed irrational Anti-Semitism is not being condemned by Britain's politicians and the MSM but actually excused and rationalised.

Variations of an Anti-Semitic Theme. The years 1013ce to 2013ce

To paraphrase some of attitudes being expressed:

"The politician has to make these statements because they have a high Muslim population in their constituency. I wouldn't worry about it!"

"Well, you can understand the animosity, enmity and hostility of British people towards their Jews seeing that they identify so closely with the Nazi like actions of the State of Israel. They really have it coming to them!"

"Muslims would not be so angry and be forced to commit acts of terrorism if it weren't for the Jews..."

I see it whenever I speak to Jews in Britain today. They adamantly deny it but they are scared and constantly on the defensive when it comes to their own Jewish identity. Anglo Jewish leaders are warning not to outwardly show signs of Jewishness in the streets. It seems it's open season for Jews in Britain.

Is there a future For Jewish life in Britain?

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Is there a future For Jewish life in Britain?