Monday, February 11, 2013

When everything fades to grey.

"One man on a lonely platform,
One case sitting by his side,
[His] Two eyes staring cold and silent,
Shows fear as he turns to hide,
Ah, we fade to gray, fade to grey."
“Fade To Grey” 1982 by the Electro Synch-Pop ”New Wave” group Visage.

Propaganda is usually seen as the art of turning good into bad and bad into good. The world of truth is turned on its head. Black becomes white and white becomes black. There is however a more subtle, sophisticated and even more sinister form of propaganda which makes it impossible for anyone but the most astute to recognise. This is when the propagandist fades both black and white into grey! If it can be shown that both sides are guilty of something with no clear idea of who is right or wrong, then no one cares and the perpetrator of true evil gets off Scott free!

This is exactly what A. Jay Adler describes in his brilliant analysis of a recent report which was supposed to look for incitement to hatred in Israeli and Palestinian Schoolbook textbooks. The results of the survey however, astonishly conclude that incitement exists in equal measure on both sides and therefore the blatant and constant Palestinian hatred reported so often can simply be ignored. This incredible piece of propaganda is accomplished by cleverly choosing “academics” with a proven hatred for Israel as well as a list of dirty tricks and out and out lies. Mr Adler aptly compares this survey of lies with the infamous Goldstone report. See the article here:

The Israeli-Palestinian Textbook Study Fraud

Read and be amazed at the sophistication of the lie which has already succeeded in doing Israel no end of damage.

Textbook study faults Israelis and Palestinians,” the Associated Press informs with balance.
Other articles have appeared in most of the British and Western press.

Message: Don’t take any notice of crying Israel babies when they complain of Palestinian incitement. They are just as bad!

Evil flourishes when apathy sets in and everything fades to grey…

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