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Two Rightious amongst the Nations of the World

Douglas Murray

Britain's Little Anti-Semitism Problem

I have just read an outstanding article published in the excellent Internet Site entitled "Britain's Little Anti-Semitism Problem" in which Douglas Murray, a graduate of Eton and Oxford, described by Wikipedia as "...a British neoconservative writer and [right wing] commentator...", has written about the problems faced by British Jews.

Everything he has written is true yet you will find no British Jew who would dare to pen such opinions. This righteous Goy writes that Anglo Jewry is in a state of denial when it comes to blatant Anti-Semitism in mainstream British culture. After commentating on the outrage by Britain's Jewish leaders directed at Jerusalem Post's journalist Caroline Glick's statement:

I can say without hesitation that I hope never to return to Britain. I actually don't see any point. Jews are targeted by massive anti-Semitism of both the social and physical varieties. Why would anyone Jewish want to live there?

Douglas Murray concludes:
"What these...things have in common is now unmistakeable -- as are the conclusions we must draw from them.
Jews will continue to live in Britain, and in the main, continue to live perfectly peaceful and pleasant lives. But there will be a price. And that price will be the volume of their support for Israel. For the "decent" mainstream has made a decision: Israelis are now what the Nazis were then. The Israelis are the easy target for needed outrage, the focal-center of pretended morality and the diversionary enemy in an era where the real problems seem too large to tackle.
Naturally there will be enough people to continue for a while to demand the odd complaint about this or that. They may manage to force a backtrack here and there. But these will be forced not because anybody has been persuaded of the complete wrong-headedness of what they have said – nor because they have realized the unbelievable wickedness and inaccuracy of their claims – but simply because the "timing" may have been inappropriate, or it should not have been said in this way, or on this or that day, or to these or those people. What all these events have in common is that they demonstrate that the friends of truth are losing. Any wins on these terms are skirmish wins in a war which has turned against the Jewish people."
See the full article here:

The Pope was Not a Friend of the Jews.

Giulio Meotti
 I found it incredulous the outpouring of praises heaped upon the soon to be retired Pope by Israeli politians, World Jewish leaders and the Chief Rabbis, including the Israeli Chief Rabbi in yesterday's press. No, I am not refering to the fact that the current Pope was a member of the Hitler Youth as a child. A person can change after all. I am speaking however about his offical statements. Here is a man who has never ever spoken the words "The State of Israel", preferring the term "Holy Land" but does not miss an opportunity to speak about "The State of Palestine" which does not actually exist (for the moment). Here is a person who speaks of the Palestinians as "God's blessed people" and implies that although he disagrees with terrorism, he understands the motivation behind it seeing how the Palestinans suffer so much at the hands of the Israelis. He deligitimises Israel and the Jewish people at every occasion and yet somehow these Jewish leaders feel it appropiate to call him a friend!?

Well, today in Arutz 7 they published an article by another righteous Goy by the name of Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist. He writes that:
"...The contrary is the case. The Pope has not been a friend of the Jewish people and he supported the world's most important source of anti-Semitism: the Palestinianism."
About terrorism he writes:
"Pope Benedict did not condemn Arab terrorism, but launched an appeal to young [Arab] people: “Have the courage to resist any temptation you may feel to resort to acts of violence or terrorism.” His words “temptation for terrorism” hinted at the Vatican’s claim that Israeli policy is the root of Palestinian terrorism, while the truth is exactly the opposite."
Read the full article here: The Pope was Not a Friend of the Jews

Some have put forward the argument that he was a good Pope to the Jews if you compare him to the top possible replacements for the position. Unlike the current Pope, they are forthright in their anti-Zionism and blatant anti-Semitism. They preach "Supersessionism" and publicly support the ancient Catholic "Replacement theology". This theology states that "The Church" are the new chosen people who have superceeded the Jews. The Jews are to be hated and despised being that God has cursed them for all their wicked sins, (primary for rejecting His Messiah). Many historians of Jewish history see this theology as the route and major cause of imbred anti-semitism throughout Europe which calminated in the Shoah and the murder of six million Jews.

The return of the Jewish people from the four corners of the earth and the establisment of the State of Israel is in direct contradiction to this theology, so it is not surprising that you will find these Catholic leaders at the forefront of Anti-Zionist and Pro-Palestinian demonstations.

That the current Pope does not openly espouse this theology does not mean that he rejects it. There is no justifiction to call him a friend! I think we will be in a better position when we can clearly recognise who our enemies are. At the same time, we should give better recognition to who our true friends are.

Baruch Hashem that there are still righteous amongst the nations of the world who are our true friends, who say what needs to be said when our Jewish leaders are too scared to. May Hashem bless them and protect them. Amen.

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