Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Airport Security should profile people, not things!

British airlines and security companies have invited Israeli security consultants from ElAl to speak about their profiling techniques even though the British will probably not be able to carry the techniques out. This is despite the fact that these methods have been proven to be the most effective way to prevent attacks and save lives.

British security will take a jar of hand lotion from an 80 year old grandma, force the mother to drink the contents of her baby's bottle, confiscate a see through green plastic gun from a 4 year old and insist that everyone take off their shoes because some nutter once used his shoes to hide an explosive device.

Israel Airport security however doesn't do any of these things. People, not items, carry out terrorist attacks and that's why Israel profiles people and not plastic toy guns. In Britain this policy would fall foul of the PC (Politically Correct) idiots.

Even if they see a suspicious person they cannot directly pick him or her out for special treatment because of accusations of racial profiling. All British Security forces can do is wait until he or she slips up. It's like waiting for a miracle from heaven.

Looking up the initials PC in an English Dictionary prior to 1977 and you'd find that PC meant "Police Constable". When I was growing up, I learnt that there ought to be a PC (Camberwick Green /Dixon of Dock Green style) on every corner to tell you the time, rescue kittens from trees and help lost children. Dictionaries after 1977 were more likely to define PC as "Personal Computer". Today in Britain you will find one of these on each street corner rather than a Bobby. Now the definition has changed again. PC means not to give offence to criminals and terrorists even though it tramples on everyone else's basic right to safety.

Israeli Security asks some basic questions to determine if you are who you appear to be. Religious Jews are asked basic questions on Judaism. This could be a problem for the average Reform Rabbi from the UK being asked about questions on kashrut or about this week's parsha but they aren't looking so much at the answers but how you react to the questions. A non-Jewish single friend of mine came to Israel for my Chasuna . He was immediately identified as an interesting subject and given closer attention. He was asked questions about me, such as where I lived and he found that he simply couldn't answer them. They started searching his bag and then discovered the Birkon from the wedding with my name on it in Hebrew. He had taken it from his table not actually knowing what it was but thought that it was a nice souvenir. This Birkon saved him from further suspicion and he was allowed to board the plane. Interestingly enough he told me later how much safer he felt on the plane knowing that Security was so thorough.

Returning to the invitation to speak in Britain, even though British Security personal may not be able to carry out all the techniques that the Israelis employ, they still thought it more than worthwhile inviting Israeli consultants to come to Britain and speak but unfortunately the Israel Foreign Ministry has advised these consultants to stay home. Why? Because many of these Security experts are also reserve officers in the IDF and there are British solicitors (with very Jewish sounding names incidentally) working for Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists who stand waiting at the airport with arrest warrants to put these Israelis on trial on accusations of international war crimes.

Britain "2010" is a sick place. British law prevents its citizens the basic right to safety while at the same time aiding and abetting terrorist organisations to imprison members of the IDF. Should we really take these threats of arrest seriously? I think so, considering the British are not even willing to stand up for their own troops I doubt that our soldiers will fare better. A few months ago I saw scenes of British Muslims cursing and jostling British soldiers as they arrived at Luton airport from Iraq. I wonder why Israeli Arabs don't do that here in Israel? The answer is that they'd be attacked by the general public. In Britain however, the PC brainwashed crowd looked on in silence. Shame on them for not standing up for those who put their lives on the line in the defence of values they ought to hold dear in Britain but unfortunately take for granted.

We in Israel appreciate our brave soldiers. May Hashem bless them and protect them. Amen.

The general public often buy Pizza for Tzahal (IDF). Just a small "thank you".

On Chanuka, people stopped to give soldiers Sufganiyot (doughnuts).

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