Monday, January 25, 2010

China? Iran? No its Great Britain

Melanie Phillips writes today about a student blogger – Seismic Shock (nothing to do with Haiti) who comments on anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in the Church of England. The piece is called "The British police forget what country they are in".

Seismic Shock has been reporting on a particularly nasty Church of England vicar called Rev Stephen Sizer of the village of Virginia Water, which is just off the M25/M3 turn off near Windsor.

Apparently the Rev Sizer has an obsession with Israel and the Jews and spends most of his time blogging and writing books about the latest terrible inhumane things we Israelis have got up to.

A quick look at his blog, sick bag in hand, shows the usual "Israel is like South African Apartheid" accusations and how the Israel Lobby somehow controls Britain's Middle East policy (I wish!). He tells us how Israel is an illegitimate rogue state. He has written books trying to show that the Bible doesn't really show that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews. It's just Zionist propaganda. In short he is an example of the kind of pompous bigoted CofE guy I commented on in my blog here.

Melanie writes how the Rev Sizer used his influence in the Police force to locate this student and send some officers round to informally tell the Leeds University student to remove all references to Sizer from his blog or else! The police threatened him that he could be prosecuted for using university resources to make political comment. (Presumably that means that the student used computers at the university to post some of his blogs). From my experience of British universities there are many students who spend the vast majority of their time using university resources to make political comment but this is the first time to my knowledge that the police have gotten involved.

Melanie's headline implies that she cannot believe that this is not a story out of China or Iran for instance but actually about the British police trying to censor a British student blogger.

I would suggest that someone buy the Rev Sizer a ticket to Ben Gurion airport on the pretext of inviting him to visit his beloved Chamas Gaza and when he arrives at passport control, the Israeli Police can take him aside and have "a friendly informal chat" with him. See how he likes it!

Update: I have just read that Seismic Shock is a Xtian who calls himself a Messianic Jew, that is a Jew who believes in Yoski Poski. He is not a "Messianic Jew"; there is no such thing! If he has a Jewish mother then he is just a Jew who converted to Xtianity. Moreover, there is (from what I've read) no evidence that his mother was even born Jewish. I erred when I linked to his site without checking it sufficiently and have sinced removed that link. However I still stand by everything I've written above.

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Ann said...

The commentators tell us that the place where the Torah was given was called Mt Sinai from the word 'sina' hatred.
As soon as we got the Torah we started to be hated by the nations of the world.
Hated because we're different?
Hated because they're jealous that we have the Torah and they don't?
Hated because we're 'chosen' ?
Who knows.
But as your last three posts show and life in general always concurs.......... The Torah is right.