Thursday, January 21, 2010

More evidence of Auntie Beeb's Anti-Semitism - Israel and Haiti

First of all a big "hat tip" to fellow frum ex-Brit blogger Living and Writing in Israel for her latest post entitled "Rolls Royce of Field Hospitals". It's a great piece about the Israel Field Hospital in Haiti. As she says, it’s a tremendous Kiddush Hashem. Please see her media links. One was to a Daily Telegraph blog by American writer Stephanie Gutman which was hilariously tongue-in-cheek. This fact however seems to have escaped many of the Brit's talkbacks who somehow took her seriously. Perhaps this is a case of American humour going over the British heads rather than the other way round for a change.

Also a must read is Melanie Phillips' excellent blog post in The Spectator entitled "A disproportionate response?" I suggest you read the whole piece but I couldn't help copying and pasting her closing statement:

Israel sent a team of 220 aid workers. Israel has a population of six million. The population of Britain is 60 million. I’d say that was a disproportionate Israeli response, wouldn’t you?”

They say that pictures are worth a 1000 words. These are the results from a search of +"israeli field hospital" +haiti on the CNN News site:

13 results, all of which feature prominently Israel's incredible rescue efforts in Haiti.

And now let's do the same search on the BBC News site, "The No.1 most respected, most comprehensive and most believed News site in the world" .

One entry! Actually it's no entries because looking in that entry you find that it's not even a news article! It’s a collection of short eye-witness reports from Haiti. Two of the eye-witnesses mention the Israeli's presence. Apart from that, Israel's rescue team is "Judenfrei" from Auntie Beeb's site. We've known for a long time that the BBC has an automatic pro-Israel news filter with the radio button permanently set to "Block". With all the world’s media reporting on the IDF’s field hospital in Haiti, is there any other explanation besides an editorial policy of anti-Semitism, for this astonishing news blackout at the BBC?

I'll finish with a wonderful quote from one of Melanie Phillips' talkback comments (I assume also tongue-in-cheek?. At least I hope so):


Ann said...

Thanks for the 'hat-tip'.
I kept it short as so much has been written in the press ( well at least over here!) and passed around via email - but I had missed the Melanie Phillips piece - that was great as usual.

Anonymous said...

We should stop being surprised. We know that whatever we do, no matter how nice for the world, we will hardly get any thank-yous and there will always be someone to blame it on the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating reading. Thanks.
Oh how the world loves us.

D and S K