Monday, January 11, 2010

One chain email with a hidden agenda

In the past four years I along with millions of others have received this chain email more than once.

Some idiot even translated it into Hebrew. 
בשביל סבא וסבתא וההורים שלנו והמשפחות שלהם
השבוע באנגליה , הסירו כל אזכור על השואה מתוכניות הלימוד של בתי הספר , בטענה שהדבר פוגע ב אוכלוסיה המוסלמית , המכחישה את קיום השואה .
זהו סימן לבאות של האסון שבהדרגה פוקד את העולם , עדות מבהילה של הקלות שבה המדינות נכנעות תחתיו .
עברו יותר מ -60 שנה מסיום מלחמת העולם השנייה באירופה .
האימייל הזה נשלח במטרה ליצור שרשרת זיכרון
לזכרם של 6 מליון יהודים , 20 מיליון רוסים , 10 מיליון נוצרים , 1900 כמרים קתוליים , שנרצחו , נאנסו , נשרפו , הורעבו למוות , והושפלו על ידי אותם אלה שחיפשו דרך אחרת !
עכשיו , יותר מאי פעם , על רקע מאמציהם של איראן ואחרים , שהצהירו על השואה כ ' אגדה ', הכרחי ביותר לעשות כל שניתן כדי שהעולם אף פעם לא ישכח ..
האימייל הזה צריך להגיע לפחות ל -40 מיליון אנשים בכל העולם .
הצטרפו אלינו וקחו חלק בשרשרת הזיכרון , עזרו להפיץ אותה ברחבי העולם

Many of you have been duped into forwarding this email to all your friends and as a consequence have become victims of anti-Semitism. Yes, you read that correctly, I believe that the chain email is anti-Semitic.

First of all I want to explain that according to the chainmail internet sites, it is a fact that 95% of these chain emails you receive (identified by the line near the bottom which says something like "Send this to all your friends") are nonsense and should not be forwarded. This means that anyone who does forward these chain-emails along is either or both (a) responsible for sending false information (b) made to look very foolish when someone writes back telling them that what they sent to everyone on their contact list was a bunch of baloney!

Some general advice about chain-emails:

1. If you cannot be bothered to check their validity then DON'T FORWARD THEM!

2. If you insist on forwarding them, make sure you check the validity of the contents on a chain-email site such as

This will prevent you looking really stupid.

So, taking my own advice, lets look up this email:

You go into and type the keywords of the email into the Search field. You'll almost definitely find it in their database. In this case it is found here:

So we see that the basis for the email is untrue!

The second and much more troubling problem is that this was written by Xtians not Jews and they have an agenda which you no doubt completely missed.

Many Xtians believe that their religion supersedes Judaism. They believe that they are the new chosen people because the Jewish people did not accept G-d's true Messiah when he came. This is another topic entirely but the idea that their half man/half god pagan man, Yoshki Poshki was the Jewish Messiah is absolutely ridiculous and that is why the Jewish people rejected him then and that is why we reject him now! Therefore the Xtians have a theological nightmare when it comes to the Holocaust.

Why is it that the Germans chose to single out the Jews in the Holocaust? Well it's true that they also murdered Gypsies as well as homosexuals and handicapped. However they chose to uniquely identify their greatest enemy in all their Manifestos, starting with Mein Kampf, as the Jew. Their intention was to wipe out the entire Jewish people. The Final Solution conference was directed exclusively at the Jews.

If this is the case then the Xtians have a serious theological problem. You see, the Nazis are considered today the definition of  poor evil. When evil comes into this world it should seek out the source of good in order to destroy it. The Nazis singled out the Jewish people. Moreover, after the Jews experienced this unique suffering, why did Hashem allow the Jews to return to the land of Israel after a gap of 2,000 years? All this must mean that we are still Hashem's chosen people and therefore Xianity is false!

In order to sweep this problem under the carpet the Xtians have to completely down play the importance of the Holocaust. This is why the email mentions along with the 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Xtians and 1,900 Catholic priests.

This sentence is a disgusting anti-Semitic statement.

20 million Russians died mainly from Stalin's hand, not Hitler! The ones that were killed were killed just like the Europeans, that is, because there was a war going on! They were bombed or shot. There was no policy of genocide. They died because that’s what war does. It kills soldiers and civilians.

10 million Xtians is a meaningless figure which can include not only Europeans and Russians but also the Nazis themselves. They were also Xtians killed by the Allied forces!

Now what about the statement of 1,900 Catholic priests? There were Buddhist priests and Hindu priests also killed but none of them were singled out for a specific policy of genocide. There was no policy to search out and murder every Catholic priest either. In fact the Vatican in Rome continued "business as usual" throughout the war. To lump the priests in with the victims of the Holocaust is frankly obscene and morally repugnant.

The real heinous purpose of this sentence is to remove the uniqueness of the Jews who were murdered by including them in a list of people who died as a result of war and revolution. The 20 million Russians and 10 million Xtians figures are designed to show you that the 6 million Jews figure is small in comparison and therefore not unique or even particularly important along side much larger figures.

But six million Jews were murdered because the Nazis singled them out for special treatment. Their programme was to exterminate every single Jew. To illustrate this: against the advice of his generals, Hitler pushed for the invasion of Russia. Why? Because Russia contained the greatest concentration of Jews! Murdering Jews was a major component of German war planning.

One more point. Who actually did the murdering?

The majority of German SS officers were Xtians, (with a minority being Muslim). Most were Protestant Xtians, the rest were Catholic Xtians. Many of these officers would describe themselves as religious people, yet they had no problem murdering Jews. The reason for this is because the church had preached hatred towards Jews for almost 2,000 years. Most Xtians simply saw the Final Solution as an extension of their Xtian belief. Only a few refused.

This email was written by Xtians with an agenda to belittle the Holocaust and Jews and by sending this email on, you have become a victim of anti-Semitism.

The proper response and the greatest revenge for the murder of 6,000,000 Jews including 1,500,000 children is to have as many Jewish children as possible.

Every Jewish child that is brought into this world means the Nazis failed.

"Take Revenge" found after the war on the wall of the camp, written in blood, Kovna, Lithuania


Anonymous said...

Wow! I received this email and am embarsed to say, forwarded it. After reading your blog I feeel @%#%& sick.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

I was always bothered by that email but could never pinpoint what made me uncomfortable about it. That bit about Catholic priests for eg. You have nailed the problem on the head as far as I'm concerned. Thank you for explaining this to me.