Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Daniel in the Lions' Den - Video

I am preparing a follow up post to my piece on the lynching of IDF soldiers on the flotilla ship to Gaza but due to my regular work schedule and the fact that I have to prepare a Parshas HaShavuah shiur for this evening, you are not going to see it until tomorrow. Sorry.

Ever since my post was featured on the BBC website, url hits to my blog have gone ballistic and I have started to receive personal "hatemail". More on this soon be"H.

However, this video must be seen. asap.

Amazing stuff! A loan Israel supporter walks in front of a large mob of Arab terrorist supporters waving an Israeli flag. The demonstrators become hysterical but he stands there in silience, alone. His name is Daniel...

Hat tip to and Melanie Phillips for this link.

Wait until the end where the American reporter hears one Arab woman claim that Israel doesn't and has never existed. He asks the Palestinian supporter next to her what he makes of all the Bible references to Israel. He looks puzzled and replies that he doesn't know anything about that!


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The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

In the words of Rudyard Kipling, 'Get you the sons your fathers got, and God will save the King'"