Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BBC Lies and the sound of chirping

The BBC (The British Broadcasting Con) reports today on the peril of the people in Gaza.

 "The frustrated attempts by activists to sail boats like the Rachel Corrie to Gaza has thrown the spotlight on life inside the territory under Israel's blockade, as the BBC's Jon Donnison reports from Gaza City.
At the Gaza City port, dotted with small fishing boats, a young Hamas policeman dressed in black and with a Kalashnikov tucked under his arm, lent over and smiled.
"Are the Israelis going to let the ship the Rachel Corrie come?" he asked.
I told him it was unlikely. He offered me a resigned look, sucking through his nicotine-stained teeth."
Sounds as if Jon Donnison is practicing his writing skills for the next fictional TV drama production. Do they still have "Play of the Week" on British Television?

The whole piece falls apart however when you introduce some facts.

Israeli media is reporting that Hamas is preventing all the goods brought by the flotilla from entering the Gaza Strip via the land crossing with Israel. They said that if it hasn't come from the sea then they don't want it. Meanwhile, the goods are piling up in Tzrifin army warehouse.

This is surely a major news item which exposes the humanitarian disaster in Gaza as a complete hoax yet no one outside Israel is reporting it. Why?

Melanie Phillips shows photos of the markets in Gaza, packed with food and luxuries on her blog.

Meanwhile, bloggers around the world (such as lgf) are reporting that Reuters news Agency, who supply many of the photos to Western media have doctored the photos of the IDF soldiers being tortured by the Turkish "peace activists". They digitally removed much of the blood and in one case, removed the knife from one of the terrorist's hands.

Now why would they do that? If the major News Agency falsifies documents in such a blatant way, don't you think it deserves a few comments on your TV news or on the Internet pages of BBC, CNN, SKY etc?

Instead all you get is:

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