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Lynching on the Mavi Marmara - Part II

*** UPDATED ***

Just take a look at these video clips! Hashem ishmor aleinu!

They clearly show what these "peace activists" really are.

The activists / terrorists videoed these clips themselves but did not want to show you.
Watch and you'll realise why! Why aren't these clips being shown on the BBC / CNN?
Why don't you write and ask them? I'd be interested in their reply if you ever get one.

On Tuesday night I started getting hundreds of hits to my blog. Checking the referring URLS I noted that they are all coming from the BBC web site. I opened the BBC's front page with sick bag in hand. The fourth article down entitled "Commentators respond to raid" caught my eye.

There I saw that my blog was being quoted. Fascinating that considering I'd spent most of the post criticising the BBC's coverage of the affair, the BBC chose to quote the part where I criticised Ehud Barak. In their favour though they did include a link to the full post which is why I started getting all these hits.

A friend had noticed this fact as well and wrote to me with some advice.

"…but bearing in mind that the anti-Semitic BBC thought fit to just quote those few lines might be an indication that, apart from anything else, your comment is fodder for anti-Semites as it indicts Israeli members of the government and puts them in a bad light.

MAYBE and this is just a thought of mine - it would be better, on blogs that you hope the world will read - to stick to FACTS which show Israel's side of the story and put us in a good light and not "wash our dirty laundry in public" as the world is only too happy to do that for us [already]."

OK, my friend is right of course. I'll try and avoid this mistake in the future even if it does mean that I probably won't get the BBC linking to me again. Ah well, I'll live with that. 24 hours of fame is enough for me. I won't hold my breath waiting for them to invite me onto Question Time. That's what the wonderful Melanie Phillips is for.

What I didn't appreciate though was all the Hatemail I received.  This is one that I'm willing to show. The rest were far worse!

***** ***** has left a new comment on your post "Lynching on the Mavi Marmara":

If those onboard were so violent, and heavily armed with knives, and your soldiers just dropped in naively expecting no trouble, why were none of your Commandos were killed? What were they getting stabbed with, plastic knives? You claim that they had their guns taken off them and they were turned against them. Where is the footage of this? Where is the footage of your Commandos opening fire? Maybe the reason your war-mongering government hasn't released the complete unedited footage is because Israeli Commandos actually opened fire on the ship BEFORE they were attacked, maybe? And how incompetent are your Commandos if they can't even hold onto their own weapons?? And even if your soldiers WERE attacked "without provocation" - despite storming the ships with armed troops in the middle of the night in international waters, instead of just boarding them by boat in a non-aggressive operation during daylight hours - why did they feel the need to slaughter NINE people? Is that really self defence? NO. The people of Israel are as blind to the truth as.....Brainwashed!!!!!!!

Once you were the holocaust victims. Now you're the prison camp guards. Shame on you."

Had this guy not written the last two lines then I would have published his comment and discussed his points with him. However, as the last two lines clearly show, he was simply an anti-semite who had long since sacrificed truth and rationale on the alter of hate.

He had an Irish /Catholic name. His first hate comment "The people of Israel are as blind to the truth..." comes straight out of standard Roman Catholic theology. Even if the guy is secular, his hatred of Jews comes from his mother's milk.

Anyone who has travelled through Europe and seen the great cathedrals would have seen statues of the "rejected Israel" - The people of Israel, blindfolded and deserted. Sometimes the blindfold is a snake/serpent with obvious implications.

The church has long since lost its political power over Europe but 2,000 years of institutionalised demonization of the Jewish people lives on in 21st century Europe and Britain.
Strasbourg Cathedral.
Blinfolded, she stands in rags. Notice the broken spear and Bible falling from her hand.

Bamberg Cathedral in Germany.
Blindfolded and in rags, she has fallen from the palace of heaven above

"The Jewish People" Notre-Dame in Paris
Notice the serpent used as a blind fold with obvious implications
Also notice the crown on the floor, fallen from her head.

Reims Cathedral, France
Israel is rejected by the Lord!
She is in rags. Her crown falling from her head.
She is blind, refusing stubbornly to see the truth!

Many Roman Catholics deny the Church's involvement in the Shoah and even claim that they were victims themselves in order to remove any feelings of guilt. Another standard practice to avoid any responsibility is to try and turn the Jews into Nazis. As this guy writes:

"Once you were the holocaust victims. Now you're the prison camp guards. Shame on you."
A Nazi flag flies in front of the-Cologne cathedral, 1937

Even before his anti-Semitic outbursts there was irrationality in his words that could only come from hatred. I just loved his comment that no one can believe the IDF versions because no Israeli soldiers were killed. I've seen this argument on mainstream British news internet sites as well by the way.

Israel will not apologise to the world because more of our soldiers were not hurt or killed to satisfy their doubts. If they cared to check, the hospital reports of the IDF soldiers note serious bullet and knife wounds. (Clearly as a result of the peaceful behaviour of the activists no doubt).

His other comment that he will not believe Israel's account until he sees actual video of an activist taking a gun from a soldier shows me that his attitude, like so many, is that Israel is guilty until proven guilty, as Netanyahu said in his press conference so eloquently:

The only ones who would have such video footage are the terrorists on board and they won't be putting it on YouTube any time soon.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the IDF videos are the most popular on YouTube at the moment. Kol Hakavod to them!
On the subject of YouTube, did you see those videos taken from Turkish TV as well as other videos taken from activists showing the IDF storming the boats, guns blazing? NO? In fact so far there is no video footage of this event. Not a sausage! The day earlier, Turkish TV showed shots of tens of passengers on board these ships with digital cameras in every hand. Yet no one managed to record the most important event? - that of the storming of the boats by Israeli troops!? (See my video clips at the top of the post which I added after I wrote this).

Maybe all the camera batteries were dead from the videos they took earlier of themselves screaming "kill the Jews!" and "Jihad Jihad! ? Just a thought.

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