Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lynching on the Mavi Marmara

Sometimes we Israelis think we are cleverer then everyone else and can ignore standard and proven procedures. The Israel Navy was forced to ignore standard practice carried out by all other Navies in dealing with boats trying to break through a blockade. They should have disabled the engines of these boats and then waited until the crews arranged their own voluntary evacuation.

According to many articles such as this on the YNET site "Predictable Israeli fiasco", it was reported that, on the direct orders of Ehud Barak, the Navy was told to evacuate the ships by non violent means only. Barak placed the IDF soldiers in an impossible situation. They were completely unprepared for what happened. It was a complete failure in intelligence (both the miltary and Barak's). Barak has caused a worldwide public disaster. Only time will tell what damage to the State this has caused. He has handed a propaganda gift on a silver platter to Hamas and all the hostile world media. Will Barak now resign? Will he be fired?

So, armed with paint ball guns of all things, the soldiers slid down a rope, one by one (the BBC described this as hundreds of troops "storming" the ships!), only to be beaten to within inches of their lives as soon as they set foot on the deck. Turkish TV edited out most of the beatings and made it look like it was an unprovoked attack against peace activists. The IDF however did not bring out their video clearly showing what actually happened until today, giving the terrorists free reign in the world media to spew out their lies for a whole day.

The BBC falsely reported yesterday that the Turkish passengers were peace activists and quoted the leader, a Ms Berlin as saying that they were unarmed and had put up only passive resistance but the IDF came in with guns blazing and murdered the passengers. The BBC however made the mistake of showing a video clip that clearly shows an IDF soldier being beaten by at least two men with clubs. When they realise their mistake, I'm sure they'll quickly edit that out.

The BBC website reports today about the IDF video (see below):

"The BBC's Wyre Davies describes how the Israeli army has released a video which it claims shows the violence on board as it boarded the flotilla. "

What does the BBC mean by saying that the IDF "claim" it shows violence? Why does Wyre Davies have to decscribe the release of the video? The video is primary evidence and clearly shows what happened. There is no ambiguity about it.

Surprisingly, The Daily Telegraph site is worse than the BBC in its reporting using classic pro-Islamic terrorist propaganda techniques. (See here). What the terrorist "peace" activists say is reported as facts where as anything Israel says are just allegations and claims!

"[Israeli] Government ministers defended the actions of its troops fiercely after the pre-dawn raid, alleging they had come under attack from violent forces allied to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda. "

"Two of the dead activists had fired at soldiers with pistols, the army also claimed."
But supporters across the world condemned the attack on a "peaceful mission".

"The Free Gaza Movement, one of the organisers of the flotilla, said the IDF had started the violence, firing as soon as they boarded the ship."

Here is a snapshot of one of these peace activists, taken just before the IDF arrived:

The knife was recovered by the IDF and appears again along with other peaceful items in an IDF photo below.

The British government's reaction to this? It is to reward terrorism!

William Hague, the foreign secretary said: "I call on the Government of Israel to open the crossings to allow unfettered access for aid to Gaza".

In other words, he is telling Israel that Her Majesty's government believes that Jewish lives are valueless and that Israel has no right to defend its own citizens by restricting produce which Hamas are using to produce weapons.

But as these photos show, these Turkish terrorists were prepared for a fight with molotov coctails, metal bars, clubs, knives and guns.

I received this email from the blogger "Living and Writing in Israel".

A letter from a friend, please forward
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 7:56 PM
Subject: What happened on the coast of Gaza?

I am disgusted and dismayed. Not by the actions of the Israeli Navy, but by the silence (so far) of our leaders who are supposed to explain to the world what is going on.

The information below comes from my son who serves in the Navy and has just arrived home from Ashdod.

We realized that the flotilla of ships trying to reach Gaza was a provocation. No one realized how heavily they were armed.

Five of the ships were boarded by the naval commando in the early hours of this morning and surrendered without resistance. The ships were taken to Ashdod, and the food they were carrying will be sent to Gaza, which as we know receives daily supplies of food, electricity and other essentials from the “Zionist entity” it refuses to recognize.

When the commando boarded the sixth ship, the Marmara, they faced armed resistance. The gunmen – many of whom were clearly prepared to be “shahidin” , martyrs – jumped on them in an organized lynch and started to stab them and beat them with clubs, knives and metal poles. After they grabbed one of our soldiers and threw him overboard, and started shooting the other soldiers with his rifle, they had no alternative but to open fire to protect themselves. In such a situation, it is surprising there were so few casualties. About ten IDF soldiers were injured, some seriously. My son will start his day tomorrow visiting one of them, a former schoolmate, at Tel Hashomer hospital , before returning to Ashdod.

If any proof were needed of the “peaceful” intentions of the passengers of the ships, or at least this one, we received a very clear picture.

Please pass this on to whoever might be willing to listen to the truth!

Kol hakavod (kudos) to our soldiers and refuah shelemah (a speedy recovery) to the wounded.

Here is the IDF video showing the beatings:

An IDF soldier descibes what happened:


Anonymous said...

The activists are claiming the Mavi Marmara was fatally straifed by the Israeli military's warning shots before any of their troops boarded the ship. Given the Keystone Kops nature of the boarding, it actually sounds plausible.

Reb Mordechai said...
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Anonymous said...

The trouble for Israel is that the deterioration of military and political competency over the last decade means the "international community" is willing to listen to such claims and increasingly takes Israeli deniles with a grain of salt. Yet, this wasn't an inevitable situation.